POLICE OFFICER VILLAGE OF PARK FOREST The Village of Park Forests Board of Fire and Police Commissioners is embarking on a recruitment process for the position of Police Officer to fill openings and establish a two year eligibility list. More information about this opportunity, the recruitment timeline and how to apply are listed on our website, under Employment. Lateral hires: Starting probationary salaries will be equivalent to salaries outlined in the current police union contract based on fiscal year of offer. Salaries quoted below are applicable to the 2017 - 2018 pay schedule in the current police union contract. Illinois certified police officer 12 months full-time experience Step B $64,373 24 months full-time experience Step C $69,835 36 months or more of full-time experience Step D $73,999 Out of state certified police officers with full-time experience as referenced above will start at the contract probationary step salary of $59,555. Upon successful completion of the State of Illinois certification process, their probationary salary will be raised to the step equivalent to their experience as referenced above. Entry level hires: Probationary salary: $59,555 EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER


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