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super In Your Neighborhood D’usse or remy emy Martin Liquor 2199 $ 750ml Tito’s Gold, Silver, Black, Limon Vodka 3999 25 $ 1599 $ 1.75L Grey Goose Patron Café XO 9 $ 99 mix & Any 6 750 ml bottles of wine & get... Fine Wine 8 10 750ml Ketel one riazul Black Magic Citroen Reposado Tequila Black Spiced Rum 750ml 2299 $ 750ml 200 ml 750ml 1.75 L $3999 Columbia Crest Crown royal $799 $3999 Two Vines $2499 10 2/$40 2/$25 Excluding sale items 750 ml Regular 1L 40 8 2/$ 2/$ Buy One, Get The Second For A Penny From The Craft Cellar Private Selection Single Barrel 3499 $ 1792 Single Barrel #56 Mashbill: 75% Corn, 15% Rye, 10% Barley 750ml Cask: New: Charred Oak ABV: 49.3% Eye: Chestnut Nose: Oak, Brown Sugar, & Fruit (Apple, Cherries, Banana, Apricots), Hint of Clove and spice Palate: A great balance of butterscotch and caramel notes, as well as with hints of fruit and toffee. The body is rich and lingers on the tongue for a delicate and pleasant finish. Finish: Long, Fruit, Oak, Dark Sweets, Leather 899 $ 1.5L 750ml 2/$ All Varietals Diamond Collection $ 99 All Varietals All Varietals 99 2/$ 5 $ 36 2 for $67 2 for $40 $999 Francis Copolla Cavit Yellow Tail 750ml Regular, Apple, and Rye 99 PENNY SALE 3999 $ 1.75L 2 for $16 750ml (2x375ML) 2099 Port Finished 849 $ Vodka $ Silver Angels Envy Skol Vodka 1799 $ 750ml $ 1.75L Crown royal Patron Irish Whiskey 750ml (2x375ML) 1.75L 2 for $50 1.75L 4099 Whiskey 7 99 750ML Jameson Svedka $ 99 Vodka 99 Jack Daniels $ 1.75L 2 for $40 Bacardi Chopin Potato $ Spiced Rum 3499 21 $ Regular and Flavors Captain Mor Morgan VSOP Cognac $ Ciroc 750ml 2999 $ Maestro Dobel Diamante Single Barrel 750ml Made with 100% Pure Agave, this exceptional tequila is unique in its category; it has been formulated using a mixture of Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado tequilas. Despite classification as Reposado, it is unlike any other in its class. Maestro Dobel Diamante is completely clear. American oak Aged in American Oak barrels with a medium toast, which lends, Carmel and vanilla flavors with the scent of caramel, honey and oak. This tequila has a long beautiful finish that resonates only from barrel 6413 picked by CASK-N-CELLAR for our customers to enjoy. Beringer California Collection Kenwood Sonoma Lindeman’s 999 $11 All Varietals 3 for All Varietals 699 $ $ 1.5L French oak Aged in French Oak barrels with a medium toast. The palate is full-bodied, very smooth with a complex palate of bold oak and vanilla and butterscotch notes with a little herbal flavor balanced by agave sweetness. It finishes evenly with sweet honey and a less of a spicy snap then the American Oak Barrel 750ml This tequila pick is a Cask-N-Cellar Customer favorite similar to our previous French Oak barrel, this taste profile resonates only from barrel 4809 picked by CASK-N-CELLAR for our customers to enjoy. 3499 $ Jefferson’s Very Small Batch 750ml This bourbon is a delicate and smooth but complex whiskey that resonates only from Batch F-577 picked by CASK-N-CELLAR for our customers to enjoy Beringer Knights Valley $ 99 750ml Stella rosa All Varietals 19 899 $ russell’s reserve Private Selection Single Barrel Bourbon Josh 750ml 55% ABV BArrEL 2 of 3 # 17-521 Aged in rickhouse D, Floor 5: Slight vanilla with toffee nose, aroma gives way to notes of cherries & licorice, with undertones of caramel. Great for a cocktail or sipping neat or rocks. 999 $ 5999 $ BArrEL 1 of 3 # 17-402 Aged in rickhouse D, Floor 4: Sweet vanilla and honey nose, aroma gives way to notes of orange, clove, oak, & leather which is complemented by undertones of maple. Great with a cigar. Cabernet, Zinfandel, Legacy 750ml 750ml Appearance: Medium Auburn Nose: vanilla and oak notes, dark chocolate and roasted nuts Palate: A vibrant supple entry of fruity yet dry medium full body of rich toffee, nut, and dried cherry and golden raisin flavors Finish: Long, hearty and sweet finish, and a light kiss of orange BArrEL 3 of 3 # 17-936 Aged in rickhouse H, Floor 4: Classic bourbon spice & potpourri on the nose, aroma gives way to almonds & raisins with vanilla undertones. **Eddie russell’s Pick** 750ml These great bourbons have been hand picked by CASK-N-CELLAR for our customers to experience the effect and importance of rickhouse locations, and how it impacts the taste profile, when maturing bourbons. They all have the same mash bill thereby starting off as the same bourbon but aged for 10 years on different floors and/or a different rickhouse. Josh Chardonnay, Rose 750ml............................................. $7.99 Ménage à Trois Prosecco 750ml...................................... $8.99 Oliver Soft Wines 750ml...................................................... $6.99 SALE: 1 for 59.99; 2 for $100, 3 for $120. Beer Happenings @ CASK! HiGHlAnd lOCATiOn Stella Artois 12pk Bottles 2 for 27 $ 98 Modelo Miller Highlife & Icehouse 18pk Cans $ 12pk Bottles 699 $ Natural Ice 15pk Cans 19 749 99 $ 2/9 4-6Pm: COrOnA And CrAFT Beer SAmPlinG SCHererville lOCATiOn Lite, MGD, Coors Light, Bud, Bud Light Shocktop 15pk Cans 1299 24pk Cans $ 1849 $ CASK CoroNA FAMiLiAr 12pk Bottles 13 $ Schererville 2232 US 41 219-865-9109 Mon. - Thurs. 9am to 10pm Fri. and Sat. 9am to 11pm 99 Highland Lite, MGD, Coors Light, Bud, Bud Light 2/2 4-6Pm: mOSCOw mule 12pk Cans & Bottles 9 $ 49 2/9 4-6Pm: CrAFT Beer SAmPlinG One of the most traditional beers in Mexico, Corona Familiar is packaged in a classic brown bottle that is ubiquitous in all of Mexico’s territory, and for several generations has embodied the tradition of Mexico’s beer culture. The Spanish word “Familiar”, (in English “Family”), originates from the fact that the 32 oz. bottle was created to be served in individual portions and shared with friends and family, much like a bottle of wine in Mediterranean countries. This is the Familiar “ritual.” Although sometimes Corona Familiar is used as a single-serve, in Mexican culture it is often served at the center of the table to be shared, but now available in 6pk and 12pk bottles. • Smooth taste offers the perfect balance between heavier European imports and lighter domestic beer • Aroma is fruity-honey with a touch of malt • Flavor is crisp and well-balanced between hops and malt Dyer Lake Station Hammond 219-440-7339 (Next to Central Market) 9303 Indianapolis Blvd. 1420A Calumet Ave 219-924-4880 Mon.- Thurs. 9am to 10pm Fri. and Sat. 9am to 11pm Mon. - Thurs. 9am to 10pm Fri. and Sat. 9am to 11pm *Available at our Schererville, Highland, and Dyer Locations 3400 Central Ave. 6420 Kennedy Ave. 219-963-6278 Mon. - Sat. 9am to Midnight Mon.- Thurs. 9am to 10pm Fri. and Sat. 9am to 11pm Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to limit quantities. E&OE. Follow us on Facebook at | 219-844-2150 PRICES GOOD FROM 1/31/18 tO 2/13/18

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