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HEARING LOSS? CALL CLEAR EAR • 219-934-9747 I won the Jackpot at the Luncheon How Embarassing She won a flowerpot, not a Jackpot. NEW YEAR! NEW BENEFITS! INSURANCE PLANS ACCEPTED: Mittal/Inland • United Health • Medicaid Recipients • Highmark/USX • IN Carpenters • Sheetmetal • Pipefitters Locals & Unions • Aetna • Blue Cross & Blue Shield • LET US CHECK YOUR NEW INSURANCE SUPPLEMENT 60 OFF % MsRP HEARINg AIDs Manufacturer’s Direct Savings *Not good with any other offers/specials. The price reflects all discounts/ rebates and PD deductables/upgrade packages/technology package available at an extra cost. Ask Clear Ear for details. FREE HEARINg TEsT *CLEAR EAR’S Hearing Evaluation/Consultation is used to determine if you are a candidate for a Hearing Aid. Clear Ear 827 W. 45th Ave • Griffith (across from CVS Drugs) 219-934-9747 state of the Art Hearing AIDs FREE Hearing Evaluations FREE Visual EAR EXAM FREE Hearing Aid Demonstration FREE 3rd year Warranty FREE Financing (If qualified) Call Clear Ear 219-934-9747 BRING THIS COUPON AT TIME OF PURCHASE • CLEAR EAR FREE CAPTION Phone. No Purchase Necessary ® * * * * * * AT CLEAR EAR WE OFFER BATTERIEs Buy ONE, gET ONE FREE *Not good with any other offer or prior orders. Limit 1 per person. Must have coupon present at time of purchase. Does not apply to Rechargeable Batteries. Locally Owned and Operated. 24 years in business 6 Months same as cash with care credit. H.A.D. Audioprosthologist Monday - Thursday 9:30 to 4 • Friday 9:30am-4pm • Saturdays/Sundays, Evening, Nursing Home & In-Home Appointments Available.

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