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Seven Peaks Duneland – A Truthful Account –
Porter, Indiana – September 15, 2017 – “Seven Peaks
Waterpark Duneland would like to thank its patrons and the
Community for their patience and understanding during the
park’s closure this Summer. As a result of a mandatory shutdown by the Porter County Health Department, Seven Peaks
took the opportunity to upgrade and improve its facility to
OSHA standards, meeting and exceeding County regulatory
“Contrary to a recent statement made by Porter County Health
Department Administrator Keith Letta (NWI Times/Sept 5,
2017), Seven Peaks did in fact successfully achieve a great
deal this Summer in working towards reopening Duneland.
“Referring to the likelihood of the park’s reopening during
the summer season, Letta is quoted as saying: “It was kind
of a mess from day one . . . They were never able to really
accomplish a whole lot.” Letta’s statement is false and
damaging to the credibility of Seven Peaks. In late June,
Seven Peaks appointed new management at its Porter facility
to correct the deficiencies cited by the Department. In early
July, a Certified Aquatic Specialist - Green Frog Environmental,
LLC of Utah – was hired to ensure that every aspect of the
Porter facility was thoroughly inspected, tested and, at the
very minimum, in compliance with OSHA standards.
“Following is a partial list of significant accomplishments
completed by Seven Peaks which were reported to and duly
noted by Porter County Health Department Officials during a
series of onsite visits and inspections throughout the summer:
• Complete rebuild of all pool filters in the park
• Rebuild of chemical control systems with calibration
• Repair of 8-inch main flow pipe line to Dune Slide

• Repair of concrete trip fall and hurt hazards
• Institution of chemical spill cleanup and containment
• Department of Homeland Security compliance
and added security
“Letta is further quoted as saying: “The problems
(at Duneland) included structural safety issues involving the
tall slides at the park,” and “a sewer line was discovered to
be leaking into one of the pools”. Again, both statements are
false. 1. The tall slides were never looked at for structure
and therefore never a concern; and 2. During August, tests
were conducted by the County Health Department itself
which proved there was no sewer leakage into any of the
Porter pools. Letta’s statement to the contrary after his own
Department’s findings is confusing, alarming and a blatant
misrepresentation of the truth. Letta’s reckless disregard for
the truth can only induce an ill opinion of Seven Peaks in the
minds of the community and as a Senior Public Health Official
it makes his comments questionable.
“Seven Peaks continues to make improvements at Duneland
and looks forward to the 2018 season and to providing a safe
and secure environment for family entertainment.”

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