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ATTENTION DON’T SETTLE FOR POOR SERVICE ELSEWHERE WE ACCEPT ALL INSURANCE INCLUDING MITTAL STEELWORKERS BENEFIT The Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) is virtually undetectable! As shown in this imag mage. Heard & Not Seen This hearing aid does for your ears what a contact lens does for your eyes: Improves your hearing without anyone knowing it’s there. Breaking News addition, the positioning of the hearing aid beyond the second bend in the ear canal is meant to work with the ear’s natural acoustics to deliver more precise and natural sound—and resolve that plugged-up or head-in-a-barrel sensation (a complaint of many hearing aid wearers). Introducing a hearing aid that is Swiss engineered, US made and so small it can be custom formed to fit right next to the eardrum. It sits so deep in the canal that it begins where other hearing aids end. That makes it virtually undetectable to anyone else. Are You Missing Too Much? Packs a Punch Despite its miniature size, the processor inside the “Invisible-In-Canal” hearing aid is so powerful it supports the most sophisticated advances in digital hearing technology to date. The microprocessor is so fast, that it samples the listening environment 20,000 times per second and makes automatic adjustments to the sound it delivers to your ear. It is designed to identify non-speech noise and the steady hum of background 500 OFF $ MSRP NOW THROUGH MAR. 14th ON ALL AQ PREMIUM HEARING AIDS INCLUDING THE IIC Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: 3/14/18 The IIC sits so deep in the canal it begins where other hearing aids end. conversations then reduces those sounds while amplifying the speech directly around you, making conversations much clearer. No Whistling, Buzzing or Plugged-up Feeling It also supports the undisputed worldleading feedback cancellation technology. This means the annoying whistling and buzzing that your uncle’s old hearing aids used to make is a thing of the past. In FREE VIDEO OTOSCOPY & HEARING SCREENING >> NO OBLIGATION << You’ve worked hard all your life. It’s time to be reaping some of that reward. Don’t let your hearing loss rob you of the things you enjoy most in life: the relationships with your friends and family. You can get help now without suffering the stigma of yesterday’s hearing aids. AccuQuest Hearing Centers are offering complimentary hearing health consultations to determine whether you are a candidate to wear the InvisibleIn- Canal hearing aids. We invite you to call today for an appointment. Your visit will include a hearing screening (with a video otoscopy), personalized consultation and demonstration of what we feel are the best hearing technologies anywhere. FREE IN-OFFICE HEARING AID REPAIRS We can fix most hearing aids in our lab (parts available). Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires: 3/14/18 Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. Heather Grinder, H.I.S. Josh Elzinga, Au.D. Hearing Instrument Specialist License #17001478A Doctor of Audiology CALL TOLL-FREE TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT (888) 363-1773 HIGHLAND 2148 45th Street (888) 452-9047 MERRILLVILLE 9120 Connecticut Dr. Suite C License #23002488A (888) 276-6118 OAK FOREST 6066 W. 159th Street Over 170 convenient locations nationwide • Visit us at PROMO CODE N-NIT-226-FP-C

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