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today inhistory
Today is monday, ocTober 2, The 276Th day of
2017. There are 90 days lefT in The year.
This day in hisTory:
in 1985, Actor Rock Hudson, 59,
on ocT. 2, 1941, During World died at his home in Beverly Hills,
War II, German armies launched California, after battling AIDS.
an all-out drive against Moscow;
in 1996, an AeroPeru Boeing 757
Soviet forces succeeded in holding crashed into the Pacific Ocean,
onto their capital.
killing all 61 passengers and nine
on This daTe:
crew members on board.
in 1780, British spy John Andre in 2002, the Washington, D.C.was hanged in Tappan, New York, area sniper attacks began, setting
during the Revolutionary War.
off a frantic manhunt lasting three
in 1835, the first battle of the
weeks. (John Allen Muhammad
Texas Revolution took place as
and Lee Boyd Malvo were finally
American settlers fought Mexican arrested for 10 killings and three
soldiers near the Guadalupe
woundings; Muhammad was
River; the Mexicans ended up
executed in 2009; Malvo was
sentenced to life in prison.)
in 1889, the first International eleven years ago: Charles
Conference of American States
Carl Roberts IV, a milk truck
convened in Washington, D.C.
driver, took a group of girls
in 1919, President Woodrow
hostage in an Amish schoolhouse
Wilson suffered a serious stroke
in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania,
at the White House that left him fatally shooting five of them before
paralyzed on his left side.
committing suicide. Americans
in 1939, the Benny Goodman
Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello
Sextet (which included Lionel
won the Nobel Prize in medicine.
Hampton) made their first
Actress Tamara Dobson died in
recording, “Flying Home,” for
Baltimore at age 59.
six years ago: Syrian
in 1950, the comic strip
dissidents formally established
“Peanuts,” created by Charles M. a broad-based national council
Schulz, was syndicated to seven
designed to overthrow President
Bashar Assad’s regime, which they
in 1958, the former French
accused of pushing the country to
colony of Guinea in West Africa the brink of civil war.
proclaimed its independence.
Two years ago: President
in 1967, Thurgood Marshall was Barack Obama said he wouldn’t
sworn as an associate justice of the sign another temporary
U.S. Supreme Court as the court government funding bill after
opened its new term.
the current one expired Dec.
in 1970, one of two chartered
11, insisting that congressional
twin-engine planes flying the
Republicans and Democrats work
Wichita State University football out a long-term budget deal with
team to Utah crashed into a
the White House. Secretary of
mountain near Silver Plume,
Education Arne (AR’-nee) Duncan
Colorado, killing 31 of the 40
announced his resignation, which
President Obama reluctantly
people on board.
in 1984, Richard W. Miller
accepted. Irish playwright Brian
Friel, 86, died in County Donegal.
became the first FBI agent to
Former Panamanian President
be arrested and charged with
espionage. (Miller was tried three Eric Arturo Delvalle, 78, who was
times; he was sentenced to 20 years deposed in 1988 after challenging
then-dictator Manuel Noriega, died
in prison, but was released after
in Cleveland, Ohio.
nine years.)


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