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Today is Thursday, March 8, The 67Th day of
2018. There are 298 days lefT in The year.
Today’s highlighTs in hisTory: date, the fate of the jetliner and its
on March 8, 1965, the United occupants has yet to be determined.)
Ten years ago: President George
States landed its first combat

troops in South Vietnam as 3,500 W. Bush vetoed a bill that would
Marines arrived to defend the U.S. have banned the CIA from using
simulated drowning and other
air base at Da Nang.
coercive interrogation methods to
on This daTe:
gain information from suspected
in 1618, German astronomer
Johannes Kepler devised his third terrorists. Barack Obama captured
the Wyoming Democratic caucuses.
law of planetary motion.
in 1702, England’s Queen Anne five years ago: The government
reported the jobless rate dropped
acceded to the throne upon the
to 7.7 percent the previous month,
death of King William III.
the lowest level since President
in 1854, U.S. Commodore Matthew Barack Obama took office. Defense
C. Perry made his second landing in Secretary Chuck Hagel arrived
Japan; within a month, he concluded in Afghanistan for his first visit
a treaty with the Japanese.
as Pentagon chief. Venezuelan
in 1874, the 13th president of the President Hugo Chavez was lauded
United States, Millard Fillmore, died at his state funeral as a modern-day
in Buffalo, New York, at age 74.
reincarnation of Latin American
liberator Simon Bolivar and a
in 1917, Russia’s “February
disciple of Cuba’s Fidel Castro.
Revolution” (referring to the
Old Style calendar) began; the
one year ago: Hawaii became the
result was the abdication of the
first state to sue to stop President
Russian monarchy in favor of a
Donald Trump’s revised travel ban
provisional government, which
(the state had previously sued over
was overthrown later the same
Trump’s initial travel ban, but that
year by the Bolsheviks. The U.S.
lawsuit was put on hold while other
Senate voted to limit filibusters by cases played out across the country).
adopting the cloture rule.
Many American women stayed
in 1930, the 27th president of the home from work, joined rallies or
wore red to demonstrate how vital
United States, William Howard
Taft, died in Washington at age 72. they were to the U.S. economy, as
in 1979, technology firm Philips International Women’s Day was
demonstrated a prototype compact observed with a multitude of events
disc player during a press conference around the world, including the
Day Without a Woman in the U.S.
in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
Fire swept through a crowded youth
in 1983, in a speech to the
shelter near Guatemala City, killing
National Association of Evangelicals 40 girls.
convention in Orlando, Florida,
President Ronald Reagan referred to Today’s BirThdays: Actress Sue
the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” Ane Langdon is 82. College Football
Hall of Famer Pete Dawkins is 80.
in 1988, 17 soldiers were killed
Baseball player-turned-author Jim
when two Army helicopters from Bouton is 79. Songwriter Carole
Fort Campbell, Kentucky, collided Bayer Sager is 74. Actor-director
in mid-flight.
Micky Dolenz (The Monkees) is 73.
in 1999, baseball Hall of Famer
Singer-musician Randy Meisner is
Joe DiMaggio died in Hollywood, 72. Pop singer Peggy March is 70.
Florida, at age 84.
Baseball Hall of Famer Jim Rice is
in 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 65. Jazz musician Billy Childs is
MH370, a Boeing 777 with 239
61. Singer Gary Numan is 60. NBC
people on board, vanished during a News anchor Lester Holt is 59.
flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, Actor Aidan Quinn is 59. Country
musician Jimmy Dormire is 58.
setting off a massive search. (To


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