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Advertisement Older Men Say New $1.33 Sex Pill Has Them “Functioning Beautifully” Recently completed clinical testing con!irms new ingredient’s ability to trigger stronger erections, boost desire and more than double stamina during intercourse. By: S. J. Young Health News Syndicate HNS - The Applied Scientieic Research Center is a company with a track record of introducing industry-changing health products. Apparently they have done it again. Their latest product was just released, but it has already created huge demand from aging men who want to improve their sex lives. There are very good reasons why sales are exploding. The new pill can dramatically boost a man’s ability to get and keep erections, as well as his stamina during sex. Men are also impressed by the product’s unique ability to help them feel more passion, desire, and sex drive. According to their head of product development, Mark Anderson, “We knew the product had to help men perform the physical aspects of sex. But our customers also let us know they missed the passion and “burning desire” they had for their partner when they were younger. The great news is this product helps with both!” The product is called JackedUp, and initial users are thrilled. Ken S., a 78 year old from Phoenix says, “My wife and I were both sexually vibrant until I had prostate cancer. After my surgery we tried everything my doctor recommended but nothing worked. Within a few weeks of taking JackedUp, everything has been functioning beautifully and we’ve been riding high ever since!” New Discovery Researchers who discovered this new ingredient are impressed by its ability to help men regain a strong desire for sex, as well as the ability to successfully act on those desires. Mr. Anderson coneirmed the importance of this combination. “Most men who struggle in this area could never imagine getting to the point where they weren’t interested in having sex. Fixing an erection problem is important, but not enough. They need their energy, coneidence and sex drive back too.” Users of JackedUp are experiencing increased libido for the eirst time in years. Many say it’s reignited an aspect of their relationship they’d been missing for quite some time. “I thought my lack of interest and inability to perform was just a part of getting older,” said Rob Hoosier, an early user of JackedUp. “Thankfully, now I know that’s not the case. JackedUp has my wife wondering what got into me…she loves it as much as I do!” The company’s Chief Researcher, Dave McNeill, says Mr. Hoosier is not alone. “There are over 30 million men across the country that struggle with this. The biggest culprit is a signieicant decrease in key male sex hormones. The clinical trials coneirmed we can boost these key hormones. That’s why guys like Rob are reporting such Better Sex For Older Men: Couples say JackedUp has brought back an aspect of their relationship they’ve been missing for years. Clinical studies show active ingredient boosts sexual desire and performance in men. impressive results.” and experienced beneeits like those in the study. Impressive 12 Week Researchers say these Study amazing results come The 12-week clinical from a surge in naturally study was carried out produced testosterone, by researchers at the which declines with age. University of Sydney in Australia. The results Recommended By Medical Doctors were published in the than the journal of The Aging Male Other sometimes dangerous in January of 2016. options, male The randomized, drug double-blind study potency products are and often involved 120 men untested times ineffective. That’s between 43 and 70 years of age. These men were why doctors are usually given either the primary hesitant to recommend ingredient found in them. JackedUp is a rare exception. JackedUp, or a placebo. The results were Dr. Jacob Moss says, “I remarkable. Participants recommend JackedUp if taking the active you’re struggling with ingredient in JackedUp getting and keeping saw major improvement erections or low libido. in their sex lives. Men in It’s also a great option the study reported more for men who want to last orgasms, sexual drive, and longer and have more number of erections. In control over when they particular, they showed: orgasm.” works • A 312% increase in “JackedUp by boosting key male intercourse and sexual hormones without side activity effects. The beneeits of • A 246% boost in the these hormones to sexual intensity and control of health are well known, their orgasm but they actually do more • Over 110% rise in than that. Men also report sexual desire for their more energy, less body fat partners and higher motivation,” Even men as old as 70 said Dr. G. Pereira, a greatly increased their renowned surgeon in number of morning Florida. erections. They went from Dr. Laguna-Bedia, a one per week to one nearly specialist in internal every other day. These medicine notes, “A lot same men quadrupled of men think their lack their sexual activity from of interest and inability once per month to once to perform are simply per week! The study parts of aging. This is just recorded these impressive not true. JackedUp can results after 12 weeks, but help these men regain a most men feel the beneeits healthy appetite for sex within 30 days. and the physical ability to perform.” “The eindings from the study are incredible, but How To Get people still wonder ‘will JackedUp it work for me?’” said CoThis is the ofeicial Founder Michael Kenneth. release of JackedUp in “It’s normal to be Indiana. As such, the skeptical, but we’ve seen thousands of JackedUp company is offering a users get results like the special discounted supply men in the study. That’s plus free gifts to any person who calls within pretty compelling.” the next 48 hours. How It’s Giving Men A Regional Order Better Sex Hotline has been set The active ingredient up for local readers to featuredinJackedUpcomes call. This gives everyone from the plant trigonella an equal chance to try foenum-graecum. The plant JackedUp. is primarily grown in India Starting at 6:00 am and has long been used as today the order hotline an aphrodisiac. However, will be open for the next new research is pointing to 48 hours. All you have its potent ability to improve to do is call TOLL FREE the sex lives of aging men. 1-888-973-4988 and the Until recently, the only company will do the rest. way to get the plant’s Due to recent media beneeits was to consume exposure, phone lines are the seeds directly. This often busy. If you call and is hard to do considering do not immediately get their rarity and the through, please be patient expense of importing and call back. Current from India. Fortunately, supplies of JackedUp are scientists have created a limited, and callers that way to extract the libido- don’t get through to the boosting components of order hotline within the the plant and put them next 48 hours may be into a pill. forced to wait for future Thousands of men have public announcements of already ordered JackedUp availability. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. ALL DOCTORS MENTIONED ARE REMUNERATED FOR THEIR SERVICES. ALL CLINICAL STUDIES ON JACKEDUP’S ACTIVE INGREDIENT WERE INDEPENDENTLY CONDUCTED AND WERE NOT SPONSORED BY THE MAKERS OF JACKEDUP.

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