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WANTED TO BUY! GOLD • SILVER • PLATINUM • JEWELRY • DIAMONDS • GEMS 6 DAYS ONLY We buy Loose, Mounted, Antique, Vintage, New, Diamond Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Engagement Sets, Earrings, Pendants, Pins & Charms. Loose Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, all Gemstones, & Rare Vintage Costume Jewelry, etc. WANTED! GOLD JEWELRY We buy gold, any condition, unused, broken & incomplete. Chains, bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, charms, earrings, brooches, nuggets, pins, clips, and dental gold. White, Yellow, & Rose Gold. We also buy Silver and Platinum Jewelry. WANTED! JEWELRY & DIAMONDS Gold at $1,300 an oz. WANTED TO BUY! VINTAGE AND FINE WATCHES • U.S. & FOREIGN GOLD & SILVER COINS • BULLION • CURRENCY WANTED! VINTAGE AND FINE WATCHES Audemars Piguet Gruen Hamilton Ball Heuer Breitling Hublot Illinois Bulova Cartier Chopard Ebel Elgin LeCoultre Military Omega Panerai Patek Phillipe POCKET WATCHES Rolex Seiko Automatic Vacheron Ball Waltham Illinois Hamilton Elgin • PLUS GOLD, SILVER & GOLD FILLED WATCHES • ANY CHRONOGRAPH • WATCHES & WATCH PARTS • NEED NOT BE RUNNING! WANTED! U.S. & FOREIGN GOLD AND SILVER COINS $20 Liberty Morgan Dollar Liberty Flowing Hair Dollar Mercury Dime Buffalo Nickel $20 St. Gaudens Indian Head 10 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Liberty V Nickel Gold Indian Head Barber 2 Cent Bust Dollar Peace Dollar Franklin Half Dollar 1964 Kennedy Indian Head Penny Large Cent We buy All Pre 1964 US Silver Dimes, Quarters, Half-Dollars, & Dollars. All Pre 1969 US Half-Dollars. All US Half Dimes, Nickels, Three Cent pieces, Two Cent pieces, Cents, Large Cents etc. (Morgan & Peace Dollars) US & Foreign Gold Coins from any date. Complete or Partial Coin collections, Mint Sets. Coin Jewelry. Old US currency. WANTED! GOLD AND SILVER BULLION Eagles Krugerrands WANTED! WANTED! Franklin & Danbury Mint Credit Suisse OLD U.S. CURRENCY $500 Notes $1,000 Notes Bison Note STERLING SILVER Indian Chief Sterling Silver Tea Set Maple Leafs Pandas Engelhard Johnson Matthey Family Owned Business for Over 25 Years Confederate National Currency Currency Blue Seal Silver Certificates, Red Seal $2 Bills, Gold Seal Notes & Fractional Currency Candelabra Sterling Silver Flatware For more information call Crescent Jewelers & Collectibles Toll Free 877-494-9342 Please call our Toll Free # for Special Accommodations for Large Collections and Estates

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