Details for Unsteady On Your Feet?

Dear Fellow NW Indiana Resident,
Imagine the thrill of going to your grandkids’ ballgame, maybe
baseball or soccer---and not have to worry about losing your
And think of the look on the faces of your friends when you
jitterbug or swing your way through that dancefloor.
Or how would you like to tend to that garden of yours and not have
to wonder if you’ll get dizzy when you bend over.
These things are possible and can come true.
You can get steadier on your feet …and regain your balance

But you need to do something…
They say in any issue, in this case unsteadiness or dizziness, there
are 3 ways to approach it.
The first way is the worst…IGNORE it.
Ignoring does not mean you are not vocal about it.
People tend to blame age…thinking that unsteadiness is normal as
we get older.
They say they don’t have time…and their balance is nothing to be
concerned about.
However, deep inside, they know something is wrong.
The second way people approach a balance issue is to PATCH it.
Patching in its’ worst form is giving up on the things we love to do.
I’ve met a lot of patients who have given up…
And all the simple things in their daily life that they used to enjoy…all
because they are unsteady.
If only people knew…
There is a best way to approach a balance, unsteadiness, or
dizziness issue…
But how do you handle it?

FREE Balance and
Dizziness Workshop
It starts with attending my FREE Balance and Dizziness Workshop.
During the workshop, I will discuss in detail:
• The 3 components of balance control that help
keep you steady.
• How to know if each component is working properly the way
it’s supposed to (these are simple tests you can do on your own
without any expensive equipment. The 3rd test is what people
usually fail the most).
• Simple techniques to strengthen all 3 components (we will do
them together during the workshop, one of them you would
have never thought would make such a big difference).
• Top 3 things you can do to decrease your risk of falling (people
who fail the tests and don’t do anything about it are at 3x
higher risk of falling)
So call my office now at 219-386-4488 in Valparaiso or
219-213-9009 in Crown Point and secure your spot for my
Balance and Dizziness Workshop…
• Crown Point office Tuesday September 26 from 6-7 PM
located at 11055 Broadway Suite B (just south of Tech Credit
• Valparaiso office Thursday September 28 from 6:30 to 7:30 PM
located at 3125 Calumet Ave. Suite 8 (next to the YMCA).
This workshop is FREE but I am only taking 20 attendees at each
location due to space constraints.

Arlan Alburo
Orthopedic and Balance Therapy Specialists
P.S. As a bonus, all attendees will receive a copy of my most
recently published report on the Top 8 Secrets to Improve
Balance and Prevent falling.
P.P.S. Call 219-386-4488 in Valparaiso or 219-213-9009 in Crown
Point now to secure your spot for my Balance and Dizziness
Workshop on September 26 Tuesday in Crown Point and on
September 28 Thursday in Valparaiso.
P.P.P.S. On a side note, I have been invited to present this
workshop to 9 different clubs and church groups over the next 2
months. I would be honored to be invited by your group.


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