Details for Looking For A Snow Maintenance Crew For Next Season? Click Here To See Why Snow & Ice Pros, Inc. Is The Best Choice!

Reason #1. DEPENDABILITY: You are working with the largest, most reliable snow and ice management company in the area. You don’t have to sign a year-round contract that includes other services. We specialize in snow and ice removal. That is all we do and we do it best.

Reason # 2. FIXED COSTS: You can choose one fixed price so you know exactly what your snow plowing costs for the entire winter. No surprises. No more writing blank checks or budgeting with question marks due to unpredictable winter weather.

Reason # 3. PRIORITY SERVICE: You can choose your level of service. Be pro-active with our Zero Tolerance program. We’ll come out to service you any time it’s white. Or choose our 1”, or 1 ½”, or 2” minimum snow accumulation levels.

Reason # 4. FLEXIBILITY: You get customized service because we schedule our routes to cater to your specific needs and deadlines.

Reason # 5. THE NATION’S LARGEST WEATHER SERVICE: You benefit from the expertise of 174 full-time meteorologists who give us around-the-clock weather alerts, radar/satellite maps, storm tracking, local forecasts, precipitation timer/start & stop times, and historical weather. We can set you up with email or text message alerts to your cell phone, to keep you up to date on current winter storm conditions.

Reason # 6. PROFESSIONALISM: We have been active members of the Snow & Ice Management Association since 1999. Our president, Mike Anderson who has taught classes at SIMA, started in the snow removal business during the blizzard of 1967 and was the first Certified Snow Professional in the state of Indiana. He also helps as a mentor to new snow removal companies through SIMA and serves on SIMA’s Board of Directors.

Reason # 7. EMERGENCY BACKUP: You benefit from the affiliations we have with dozens of other snow contractors throughout the Midwest who are available for emergency backup during severe snow storm conditions and in case of blizzards.

Reason # 8. YOU NEVER PAY SURCHARGES: You will never see a bill for fuel, or any other surcharges. We will never bill you for any amounts more than the agreed amounts, unless you request services above and beyond the scope of our contract.

Reason # 9. YOU GET TO WORK WITH A GREEN COMPANY: We are environmentally conscious and working towards making the world a better place.

Reason # 10. YOU WILL LOOK SMARTER: You’re an owner or manager who wants to make the right decisions. Hiring Snow & Ice Pros for your winter services gives you the best possible service at the lowest cost, making it a very smart business decision.

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