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Newspapers in Education (NIE)
is an international program that promotes and increases our children’s literacy by using the newspaper as a teaching tool. NIE is a unique way for schools, businesses and the local newspaper to work together in a partnership that benefits all of us - now and in the future.

Through the use of daily news, editorial, features and even advertising, students at all grade levels can learn math and cost comparison skills, geography and meteorology, history and current events and how they shape our world, all while improving reading and comprehension. The NIE program helps motivate and teach students with a textbook as fresh as each day’s news.


NIE Program Offers

The NIE  Program is a great way to educate your students as well as your staff.

Electronic edition - (NO COST) An exact replica of the paper printed that day, all 4 editions, a 14 day archive for reference and the ability to view from any computer anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.  This is available for all students, teachers, and support staff.  E-edition access can be linked directly from the School Corporation’s website; access is easy with one universal username and password. 

The bonus to the e-edition is that you can project, copy/paste, and print any or all portions of the paper.  Why not have this for their staff/student’s reference when it’s FREE and eco-friendly!

Purchase papers daily (minimum of 50 papers) - .05 per copy with the minimum of 50 papers daily.  That’s $2.50 per day for 50 papers.   Can be any day of the week and must be delivered to a central location.  School will be billed monthly.  

One paper delivered M-F- (.75 per week) More of a business subscription where we deliver one paper Monday thru Friday to the main lobby. 

For more information contact:
Carrie Patrick
The Times Media Company