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Kauffman Chiropractic in Crown Point

Tony V. Martin, The Times

Kauffman Chiropractic

Locations: 100 W. 84th Dr.,  Merrillville; 7620 E. 109th Ave., Crown Point

Phone: 219-736-7363 (Merrillville),  219-662-9855 (Crown Point)

The doctors of Kauffman Chiropractic are proud of the family atmosphere they have created, and realize it’s a team effort—a partnership between doctors, staff and patients—to provide high-quality care.

Dr. Robert Kauffman, Dr. Danielle Kauffman, Dr. Kristina Kauffman, Dr. Nicholas Kauffman, Dr. Kelsi Dimitt, and Dr. Mariah Payne serve patients in Merrillville and Crown Point.

The facilities offer spinal manipulation as well as a variety of therapies including preventive care, rehabilitative services, and treatments for pain, inflammation and muscle spasms.

“We have a very good approach, not only to treating patients that have pain or chronic conditions, but we also are very good at encouraging our patients,” says Dr. Danielle Kauffman. “Once they’re not in pain, we help them lead a preventive lifestyle.”


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