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Did barbershop owner Hendrik Meijer know that when he opened Meijer grocery store during the Great Depression that he and son Fred were at the start of something big? By 1962, the business expanded to include so many non-grocery items that the hope was that customers would be able to shop for everything in one trip. It was, in fact, the beginning of today’s superstore.

Today’s customers can find fresh produce in such variety that the visual alone is tempting. Row upon row of fruits and vegetables are fresh from suppliers, ensuring that Hendrik’s desire to offer the best produce possible is always fulfilled, right through its manufacturing, distribution and supermarket operations.

So it’s natural that Meijer is a member and supporter of the Partnership for Food Safety Education for the public.

A perk for Meijer customers is mPerks, a free digital coupon program to help smart shoppers earn discounts—with no coupon clipping or printing.


Produce Depot

Location: 8126 Wicker Ave., St John

Phone: 219-365-8280


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