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Deputy Editor - Digital/Audience Engagement

Summer is Digital and Audience Engagement Editor at The Times. Her blog documents The Times’ and Gary Chamber of Commerce’s Community Civility Counts campaign. The idea is simple: Treat everyone with respect and dignity, even those you disagree with.

For the last few weeks, Civility in the Classroom has been focused on creating a vision for the future.

In our classes at Lighthouse College Prep and Steel City Academy this week, the students were tasked with making vision boards.

To prepare, we talked about the difference between a wish and a goal, then had the students map out their own visions for their future. 

Using big goals like success, happiness, lawyer, doctor, professional athlete, we had them draw lines from the goals to the largest influences they have. People like family, or organizations like church, sports, etc. In those lines, we wrote how those people and organizations can help us get to our goals. 

It was a great exercise for me, too. Sometimes we need to realign ourselves with our goals in life. I encourage you to try it. 

After the maps were complete we dove into vision boards. 

The results have been very exciting. 

The students chose words like "achieve," "positivity," "be yourself" and "stand out." Plus, there were many colleges represented from Indiana State to Ivy Tech to HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities).

I'm so thankful to my partner teachers Michael Carson and Erica Young at Lighthouse and Joshua Moore and Duane Krambeck at Steel City for being such amazing examples of what the kids can achieve. 

The vision boards are attached. Take a look and then try one for yourself!