Well, I was afraid it would bomb, but it didn’t.

The Calumet Memorial Park District Foundation had its first event weekend before last. The Boots and Badges basketball games, the new March Madness, was pretty successful.

The first game saw a Park District team pretty much hand it to a team of Burnham firefighters. The second game was a mix and match of first responders from various jurisdictions. And it proved to be a very competitive and entertaining match.

Besides the games, there were door prizes, a raffle, a half-court shot contest open to those in the crowd, and intros of the park district board and park district foundation members as well as of Marcus Evans one of our state representatives.

Food, beverage, and fellowship at the Hideaway Lounge were the highlights that concluded the festivities.

The Boots and Badges event was a success due to the efforts of the foundation, particularly Char Perez and a fine group of volunteers, mostly from the park district. Also instrumental was a group of financial sponsors, foremost among them Ricardo’s Auto Repair, who provided the shirts worn by the participants and many of the fans. 

Things need to be tweaked, but be sure to look for Boots and Badges next March.

April 4th is Election Day. If you live in Calumet City, your mailbox has probably alerted you to that fact.

Besides the main event (mayor, treasurer, clerk, and aldermen), Cal City will also be electing school and park district board members.

These races aren’t well advertised or talked about, but they are really just as impactful as the other races.

School and park board members do not get paid, and most can’t spend much money on campaigning. But what they do is important.

Check your tax bill and you may see that your high school and grade school districts are likely the two most expensive items. And it’s not like the education of our kids in not of utmost importance.

Find out who’s running and why.


St. Victor Trivia is back at St. Victor. It was moved to Our Lady of Knock for a long time due to work on St. Victor’s church hall. But it’s back home now. Tonight (no foolin’) at 7:30. Hit me up for details at 708-862-1568.

Thanks for reading.