Well, I did the spit test.

It’s not really a test but a sample of part of me which was used to tell who I am.

You may be familiar with the DNA analyzing company 23andMe (the 23 referring to the number of chromosomes making up who we genetically are). I think there’s another one or two out there that do similar testing.

Anyway, it was a “gift” to me from my wife for Father’s Day. She does things like that.

What I found out was what I pretty much already knew. I am almost all European, mostly Eastern and some Southern.

Some people have been surprised. A friend of mine who’s pretty staunchly conservative and a proponent of Trump’s travel ban, found out he’s something like 16 percent Middle Eastern.

And an old student of mine, now in her 50s, did the same test as I. She always was curious as to why she didn’t look like her siblings. She found out she was 50 percent of an ethnicity neither of her parents were. With info from the spit test and research on her own, she found her legal father was not her birth father.

She ended up meeting him and a sibling she had not known about.

And another interesting twist, a former kid (student) of mine owns a company which develops and markets genomic analyzing equipment. He has six patents. He said the analysis of my saliva could well have been done on his equipment.



St. Andrew Family Fest this Saturday and Sunday on the parish grounds of St. Andrew. Always good food, music, and fellowship.

July 3 is the Freedom’s Eve celebration sponsored by Calumet City and the Calumet Memorial Park District. Music, food, and fireworks — always a good combination.

VictorFest will be on July 13 through the 16th on the St. Victor parish grounds. A Saturday car show will be a revived feature.

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