Well, tis the season.

In our present political plight, even what to call it becomes an issue. And when your children, grown as they are, will be a thousand miles away, on the Feast of the Nativity, the more religiously correct name, things aren’t the same.

Anyway, for better (giving and family and parties and beautiful things to see and eat and traditions and Baby Jesus) or worse (a carnival of consumption and fruitcake) Christmas is here.

Calumet City did a nice job of opening the season with an expanded tree lighting extravaganza this year. There were several large tents on the streets December 1st. For a moment I was having City Fest flashbacks.

There has been a conscious effort to make this annual event more of an event, hence the tents with hot chocolate, face painting, a “Socks for Vets” collection, and a few other attractions I dis-remember.

And there was music thanks to TF North and St. Victor choir and Schrumm choir. Some really cool ice sculpting, a couple of reindeer and of course Santa and the Mrs. riding down Wentworth Ave. to Memorial Park.

Oh, oh, oh…can’t forget Christmas fireworks, which is becoming a Cal City thing. Can’t beat frostbite and firebombs.

A pretty substantial and happy crowd was in attendance.

I imagine there was a somewhat substantial outlay of public money for the event…but to inspire holiday spirit and give folks the idea that there are some cool things to do in Cal City… is worth it.

The city and the Calumet Memorial Park District work together to present this event. We need our different city entities to continue to work together for the betterment of our town.

‘Lil Helen Kozikowski, solicitor general of all manner of tickets and pull tabs and sundry other ways getting your money for the VFW, American Legion, and the Lions (I might be missing some others) was recognized at the last city council meeting with a resolution commending her for her long years of community service. Helen passed recently. Rest in peace to a Cal City icon.

And speaking of peace…joy and peace and hope to all this Christmas season and for the upcoming year.

Thanks for reading.

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