Well, I originally typed this in “Century Gothic” font, but even that is not old enough.

I wanted a font to represent the phenomenon that recently happened…the Cubs won the World Series (there was no “Century + 8 Gothic”).

It was a very watchable series and as a baseball fan, though hardly a Cub fan, I enjoyed the series. I am one of those somewhat rare people who can watch a sporting event and not automatically take sides.

That five plus million people attended the parade celebration was amazing. It rivaled the number of people who came to see the Pope when he was in Chicago. Another once a century event.

Anyway, I’ve always liked baseball.

It’s a quiet tense drama interrupted by blasts of frenetic action. And there can be no more difficult thing in sports than trying to hit a baseball coming with dizzying movement or incredible speed and often both.

And no one tells the crowd to please be quiet.

What I have come to not like so much is the incessant marketing. The hats and shirts and hoodies that are mandatory after winning at any level of the post-season is over the top to me.

And there are too many celebrations. And there too stereotyped. Mandatory jumping up and down, mandatory champagne (a waste of good beverage), mandatory plastic covers, mandatory goggles, etc.

TV coverage is really good in a lot of ways, and not so much in others… such as: groin-level, on field shots, tight camera shots (don’t need to see who has dermatological issues), brainless questions immediately after games (”What were you thinking about when you hit the big homerun?”).

And can anyone explain why the normal sportsmanship of congratulating your opponent can’t happen after baseball games?

It must have been fifteen or more years ago when I watched the LA Dodgers congratulate the St. Louis Cardinals after a division series. I haven’t seen it since. Why?

Well, it’s good that the Cubs won. Now I hope we’re done with the curse and all the poor Cub fan stuff. And hopefully the Cub fans will take their new found success with class.

Oh, by the way, Pirates in ’17.

Thanks for reading.