Cal City swearing in

Calumet City's mayor, treasurer and the seven aldermen were all sworn in earlier this week.

George Grenchik

Well, it was all hugs and kisses and pleasant words.

Monday was the swearing in of the newly elected municipal leaders of Calumet City. Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County Tim Evans presided.

It was pretty cool for a number of reasons.

Like the beginning of a new sports season, there’s a lot of optimism. Everyone is ready to get to work and there’s great promise for the year(s) ahead. Everyone speaks of the efforts they will put forth to do their jobs to the best of their abilities…in fact, they swear to do that.

The mayor, treasurer and the seven aldermen gave addresses to the filled city hall chamber expressing gratitude and their dedication to work for the good of the community.

It was also cool because, unlike almost all other times, the chamber had a noticeable number of children, both seen and heard.

My new alderman spent the majority of the time before his swearing in trying to keep track of his young daughter who started walking three days before. She was joyously practicing her new-found skill.

It was cool because I like these ceremonial and symbolic times marking the beginning of things…like graduations, baptisms and the like.

And it was cool because I had the honor of having taught several of those in attendance, including my new alderman and the city treasurer.

I hope the harmonious spirit, the glowing words, and the lofty ideals on display that night continue into the hard and sometimes contentious times of running our city, a city which certainly has its issues.

Here’s hoping.


I would like to note the passing of Dave Boss. Dave ran a tax service business in Schererville for over 50 years and Boss’ Lounge on Wentworth Avenue for 35 years.

Boss’ was a much more than just a bar. It was a meeting, party and reunion place for so many. And Dave was a big friend of the Park District and a generous donor to St. Victor and other worthwhile organizations. Rest in peace…


To Chris Siatta, another former kid (student) of mine, for being honored as Calumet City police officer of the year.

And congrats to the VFW for continuing to recognize folks who do outstanding things in our community.

Thanks for reading.