Well, a couple of postings ago I wrote about it not looking like election season in Calumet City. That has changed.

I was busy with my religious ed class (CC) on Saturday, but my wife tells me several groups came knocking to solicit votes and find a fertile spot for a campaign sign.

And the electioneering by mail is in full force.

The organization called the Public Safety Party has an almost full slate of candidates, the exception being the first ward.

And since I live in the first ward and an old kid (former student) of mine is running to take the place of another old kid of mine … that’s fine with me. He owes me some homework.

The mayoral race, unlike four years ago, could be a real race. And for clerk, treasurer, and in the wards, we’ll see.

One thing I find a little disturbing is some campaign literature being mailed to residents by the Public Safety Party. It’s regarding lead and the water supply in town.

Calumet City buys water, and has for some years, from Hammond. I’m not sure of the details, but I know my water has never been discolored as shown in one of the flyers being mailed out. And I also know that if your house is old enough, you likely have lead pipes bringing the water to you.

I don’t see Calumet City being any better or worse off than our surrounding communities who buy water from Hammond.

What is more troubling to me is the undertone of some kind of racial component to the water situation, if in fact there is a water situation.

A comparison to Flint Michigan and its sad situation with water seems to me to be out of line.

The racial component is hard to miss as the flyer states that Flint and Cal City have high levels of lead, an African-American majority populations, and a mayor who did nothing about it.

There are things about which you can launch a political attack on the mayor. This is not one of them.

Election Day is April 4.