Well, it’s finally over. The election from hell. And I don’t know if the hard part is over or yet to come. The country is pretty divided.

But we operate under our system, as flawed as it may be, and accept the result though, as many demonstrations have shown, not necessarily quietly.

The President-elect has certainly toned down the abrasive demagoguery he spewed since the primary elections. And he has walked back and/or not mentioned some of the more questionable ideas he’s espoused.

It’s been often said that running for President is much easier than being President.

We’ll see.

Those of us in Calumet City don’t get much rest from the political wars as we are fast approaching the municipal elections of 2017.

The big prize, of course, is the mayoral position. Mayor Michelle Markiewicz-Qualkinbush is running for her fourth term and her main opposition is 4th ward alderman and Illinois State Representative Thaddeus Jones.

There has already been a preliminary battle between the two on a referendum item on the Nov. 8 ballot regarding term limits.

Round one to the Mayor.

Politics in Calumet City is a pretty rough and tumble, full contact sport. The well-being of the city depends on electing people who, after the political battles, put the city’s welfare above anything else. Folks need to listen and pay attention.

We’ll see how it goes.


To me, this is one great holiday…even as our obsessive consumerism has tried to wreck it with Shop-a-palooza. It’s a day to stop, at least for a little while, just to realize how blessed we are and say thanks.

With the politics so bitter in our country, just look around to places where changes in leadership involve death, destruction, and displacement of people on a massive scale.

We’re blessed even as we find so many things to be unhappy about.

Have a great Thanksgiving…and thanks for reading.

The opinions are solely those of the writer. George Grenchik is a longtime Calumet City resident and retired instructor at Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond. He can be reached at gjgrenchik@aol.com.