Well, I’ve been grounded for a while.

As age takes its inevitable toll, I had to go into the shop (read: hospital) for a little cervical (neck) work. A couple of vertebrae fused and on you’re on your way in a day. Although the day included three wide-awake straight cathes. Seems like the bladder doesn’t wake up so easily from anesthesia, especially on older gentlemen.

Men can’t know what child birth is like for a woman, but it can’t be too much worse than a cathe is for a man.


Anyway, no driving for me for a little while. Although “little while” is going to end pretty soon.

As best as I can figure, the winners of the April 4 Calumet City general election will take their seats on the first regular city council meeting May 9.

I saw the main architect of the mayor’s successful campaign and asked if all will be harmonious. He said for four more years… and we both know four months would be a more realistic goal.

But here’s hoping the main goal of the elected is to best serve the electorate — even though so many did not vote.

Recycle day

Alderwoman Leni Wosczynski’s annual recycle day is this Saturday.

One of the great problems accompanying our society’s prosperity is that we end up with too much stuff. And where do we put it when we’re done with it?

Many things that can’t, or at least shouldn’t, go in the garbage and/or landfills can be brought to the public works facility at 1701 Dolton Road from 9 a.m. to noon.

Many electronic items can be brought for recycling, though there are some restrictions. There is also document shredding on that day.

Check the flyer sent to all Cal City homes or call Leni at 708-891-8192.

Passing reflections

I note the passing of Chuck Blair, founder of the service station in Calumet City that bears his name and is now run by his sons.

Also the passing of “Mickey” Miller long time Cal City resident and father of longtime Memorial Park Commissioner Stan Miller.

Peace to the families.

A message of light

Finally…is anyone else really tired of seeing and reading about the poor doc who was dragged off the plane?

Light over darkness, life over death…the message of Easter. Hope you had a great day.

Thanks for reading.