Around Cal City: Say goodbye to Boss' Lounge
George Grenchik

Well, another one bites the dust.

A little over a week ago longtime bar/social center of Calumet City, Boss’ Lounge, went the way of the wrecking ball (actually a building eating crane).

The building was completely down in one day and in less than a week, the debris was removed, the hole filled, and the spaced seeded with grass.

Without the ability to transfer the liquor license, the establishment was gone when owner Dave Boss decided to leave the business. It was bought by the city.

Bars are bars, but Boss’ was really more than that. Though there was hardly a full menu, local products were sold, like Doreen’s Pizza and Linz hamburgers.

And it was large enough to accommodate birthday, retirement, promotion, anniversary, reunion and sundry other parties along with just a place to go with friends and colleagues after a long school week, at Wentworth and St. Victor schools.

For many, Boss’ was not about consumption, though many a beverage was hoisted, but about friendship and camaraderie and a place to go where you would know someone.

It was about sports, the viewing of, participating in, and arguing about. And about politics and what’s going on in the world and in town. And a place where those who don’t live here anymore could come and find a familiar face.

Of course all these things can still be done, but…not as easily and not as often.

But things change.

Ironically, Calumet City once had the greatest number of liquor licenses per capita in the state, and one time in the country. Now the number of stand-alone bars is, I think, eight.

Goodbye and good luck to Brian Swanson, Calumet City’s Economic Development Director. Although he wasn’t here all that long, Brian did an excellent job at working to get some businesses to locate in Calumet City. Checkers, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Alta Equipment Co., DaVita Dialysis, to name a few.

This is no small feat given the difficulty of luring business to the Southland of Cook County with its heavy tax burden and proximity to Indiana.

Oakland’s gain is our loss.

Congrats to St. Andrew Parish on its always fun Summerfest. And rest up for VictorFest coming this Thursday through the 17th.

Thanks for reading.

The opinions are solely those of the writer. Grenchik is a longtime Calumet City resident and retired instructor at Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond.