Michael Jackson impersonator

Michael Jackson impersonator 

George Grenchik

Well, 'tis the season.

No, not that one, although I’m sure we’ll see “holiday” (read: Christmas) stuff before too long.

No, the season of outdoor summer stuff. St. Andrew’s had its fest at the end of June, congrats, I enjoyed myself.

And congrats to the Memorial Park District and Calumet City for a fun time on Freedom’s Eve.

It’s kind of sad, I asked one of my religious ed students if she was going to Freedom’s Eve and she said no ... because of the shootings.

I went to Freedom’s Eve along with thousands of others. It was a pleasant time with a lot of happy people, good food and great music with a surprise guest (see picture).

I haven’t checked with the police, but I stayed until most of the attendees left (a poor parking decision), and no shots, other than those from the lengthy and rather spectacular fireworks show, were in evidence.

My church, St. Victor at 553 Hirsch Ave., Calumet City, is having its annual VictorFest celebration this weekend.

VictorFest is a weekend of music (live), food, libation, bingo (and lotteria), vendors and a full carnival. This year, a car show has been added.

The carnival starts on Thursday at 4:30. Friday, all venues will be open at 5 p.m. and run until 11. The Saturday car show will start at 1 p.m. and the carnival and midway will open at 2 and run until 11. On Sunday, festivities start at 2 p.m. and end at 10.

The past five years since the addition of a carnival have seen VictorFest grow to the second largest event in Cal City. Each year it has been a fun, safe family oriented event.

It has been a boon to the parish financially, but also socially as it has been a great communal project using volunteer help not just from the parish, but from many other individuals, groups, and businesses.

I hope you will stop by. Alumni and former Victor parishioners and friends often come by, especially on Saturday.

Hope to see you. Questions? Contact me or St. Victor 708-862-1568.

Thanks for reading.