Well, there’s been some obvious building activity on Sibley Blvd. in Calumet City. A good sign.

For decades there has been way more open than developed land along Sibley Blvd. from Castaways Bowling west to Torrence Ave. even though this is a major corridor through town.

The one building that’s going up along that stretch is a DaVita Dialysis Center. That developer has also purchased adjacent land and some parcels across the street from the building that’s going up.

What has some folks in town confused is a large sign the developer has put up announcing “stores for rent”. Well there are no stores in the area, but the developer, I’m being told, has some unspecific plans to erect some once the dialysis center is completed and operational.

The city is working to have the sign either changed or removed.

The building activity on the south side of Sibley is for bike paths. And it’s nearly complete.

You may have noticed markings for bike paths throughout Calumet City on major streets. These connect or soon will connect with other bike paths in the area. However, a bike route right on Sibley Blvd. seems to me, and I guess, others, to be a dangerous deal…hence the bike path off the street.

Seems to me to be a good thing on several levels.

Even though our cars are more efficient and gas is cheap, we still need to do less driving and more pedaling. There are fewer and fewer folks who don’t realize that what we put in our atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is having a real negative affect on our climate.

And folks do need to be more physically active. I think it’s no coincidence that there’s a dialysis center going up in Calumet City not much more than a mile from the new one in Hammond at the site of the old Walgreen’s. Diet and sedentary lifestyles lead to all manner of issues that call for medical intervention. And at younger ages.


Fr. David Pavlik, pastor of St. Victor Church has been named pastor of Our Lady of Knock Church. He will be pastor of both churches. It’s a sign of the shortage of priests. 

St. Victor Trivia Nite Out will be on Sept. 10 at Our Lady of Knock Hall.

The new Memorial Park Foundation will sponsor a miniature golf outing on Sept 16th. More details to follow.

Thanks for reading.

The opinions are solely those of the writer. Grenchik is a longtime Calumet City resident and retired instructor at Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond.