Well, tis the season.

That means a lot of different things to different people. At Calumet City Resources (CCR) the city’s food pantry and clothing/small household items center for the less advantaged, it means a lot of customers. By far, the busiest days I’ve worked there have been within the last month.

I know the economy has recovered…but not for everyone.

A lot of groups and organizations work to help those in need at this time. In Calumet City, Victor Care, the FOP, the Calumet Memorial Park District, as well as many businesses and individuals, do a great job of helping those who need it.

Interestingly enough, one of the biggest problems for people wanting to help those in need, is finding out who those people are. That's a big reason why CCR is an important organization.

Due to requirements of the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the US Department of Agriculture, where the bulk of the food distributed comes from, CCR has a database of people who are being helped. That number is pushing 500.

When individuals and organizations need to know who needs help, or what to do with donated food and other items, CCR is usually the answer.

Anyway, many people and groups have been very generous, but the goodwill and willingness to help others needs to extend beyond the Christmas season. Many people’s needs remain after all the decorations are taken down.


Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery from surgery for Jane Rowland, Director of the Calumet City Library and President of the Calumet City Chamber of Commerce.

A note of thanks to Rich Banske for years of dedicated service to the Calumet City Fire Department, Bishop Noll, and Calumet City in general. Devoid of self-interest, Rich is a shining example of service beyond the call of duty toward community and school. Good luck in the roads ahead.

Merry Christmas to all…and a hope that the light of Christmas can brighten some of the dark places of our time.

Thanks for reading.