A shirt for a well-dressed clown

A shirt for a well-dressed clown?

The other day I walked into a popular clothing store and was stopped dead in my tracks immediately after walking into the menswear section.

Proudly displayed before me was the shirt in the picture above. The first thought that came to me was “clown.”

It looks like a clown shirt. Or rather, a shirt for a well-dressed clown. This clown shirt is made by a rather well-known, not inexpensive brand.

I've seen better shirts on a clearance rack. In fact, the clearance rack rejected this shirt. 

Who designed this shirt and why? Who said, "let's make this shirt." Who approved it to be packaged, shipped and sold.

I posted a picture of the shirt on Facebook and several friends said it looked like an 80s shirt.

But I’ve seen all the John Hughes films, and as weird and wacky the clothes can get, I didn’t spot anything like Clown Shirt. In fact, I guarantee if any of the characters wore this shirt in "The Breakfast Club," that film would not be as admired as it is today. 

No one would be getting in the Hot Tub Time Machine to find that shirt. Besides, you don't have to, it's here. 

Maybe this is the first of what we're seeing of what is known as “clownwear.” And you don't get a bowl of soup when you buy the shirt, but it might come with a flower lapel that squirts water. 


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