Acts who should play the Super Bowl

"Weird Al" Yankovic would be a great Super Bowl halftime performer.

Because there just aren't enough great musicians in the world, the Super Bowl has to bring back Beyonce as it's halftime performer even though she did it in 2013. 

She'll be sharing the Super Bowl 50 stage with Coldplay, but c'mon. Twice in three years? Here are five acts that could make for a great halftime show. 

"Weird Al" Yankovic - awhile back there was a movement to get "Weird Al" on the stage for halftime. I guess it went nowhere. 

Depeche Mode - my personal favorite as I'm their fourth-biggest fan. And they have a footbally song called "Two Minute Warning."

Kanye West - one word: Yeezus.

Pearl Jam - if you could have Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (2008), you could have Pearl Jam. They've already had The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, The Who and U2. 

The cast from "Grease: Live" -could satisfy all ages and it's goofy and fun. Or maybe The Lonely Island (featuring Andy Samberg) - the band behind the classic music videos from "Saturday Night Live."

Being the game is being played in San Francisco (actually Santa Clara), they could have include participation by bands from the San Francisco Bay Area: Dead Kennedys. Huey Lewis and the News, Journey (but with Steve Perry). Maybe whoever's left from Jefferson Airplane, in honor of two original band members who died last week. I don't really know anything about Jefferson Airplane, only that they became Jefferson Starship, which became Starship, which had a cheesy song in the cheesy 80s film "Mannequin."

As far as the National Anthem, maybe Lady Gaga will bring out her frequent collaborator, Tony "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" Bennett. 


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