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Taking advantage of the "Buy One, Get One Free" for the Egg McMuffin at McDonald's.

Rob Earnshaw, The Times

I can eat an Egg McMuffin every day. Maybe twice a day. I can have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a later-in-the-night snack. 

I have never been to McDonald's more in my life than since they started serving breakfast items all day in October of 2015. Prior to that I would go occasionally and get a McChicken or Filet o Fish. 

But I think the real reason my time in the fast food joint has increased is a promotion that's been going on for quite a while. Look on your receipt. It's right there at the top.

"Buy One Get One Free Quarter Pounder with Cheese or Egg McMuffin."

You don't even have to buy either of those items to get the promo offer. It's on the receipt for the Big Mac you just got.

I've never done it with the Quarter Pounder because I'm not a fan. I like the Egg McMuffin. It's one of the lowest-calories sandwiches on the menu, and it just tastes darn good. And it's only $2.99. 

All it takes for the promo is to go online at and fill out a survey. I've mastered it to where it could take me less than a minute. Sometimes they change it up a little bit. I've seen at least two variations. When you're done you just fill out the survey number on your receipt and head to the same location where you made the original purchase. You have to complete the survey within seven days and use the offer within 30.  

I've take advantage of this offer a few times a week. One time when I logged in to do one, a message popped saying something along the lines that I'd done it too many times. So I couldn't do it. But that only happened once. Just to be safe I alternate between two different computers to do the survey. 

I never eat both Egg McMuffin's consecutively. I'll save one for the next day's lunch or that night's snack. 

One issue with loving the Egg McMuffin is when ordering one in the evening, or even afternoon, the wait is longer. Especially in the evening. Maybe not a lot of people like me are ordering one at 10 p.m.

Waiting for it is OK though. I know a good thing is coming. I can wait a little for a good thing.  


Rob covers urban affairs and other matters in Crown Point, St. John, Winfield and beyond. Previously he covered Valparaiso, Hammond, Gary and East Chicago. He's also written for various magazines and pens a culture blog for The Times.