China Lightning Fireworks

China Lightning Fireworks employee Alex Tomsich wraps variety packs Thursday at the store in Gary.

Jonathan Miano, The Times

Just because the Fourth of July has come and gone, it doesn't mean fireworks season is over.

This is the Region, after all. You can still enjoy some neighbor blowing off what you have to believe is a quarter stick of dynamite at about 11 p.m. on July 6 - or even Oct. 6 for that matter. 

There are no Trader Joe's in the Region but I can find a fireworks store on just about every corner. 

Here are 10 things less annoying than fireworks. 

 - When a local news station interrupt your favorite TV show for 30 minutes to talk about a thunderstorm in a far-off Illinois town you never heard of.

 - The people in front of you in line at the gas station buying lottery tickets when you just want to pay for gas. 

 - Potholes

 - The 2016 presidential campaign

- Cigarette smoke 

- Not being able to purchase alcohol at Indiana stores on Sunday

- Men who wear jorts

- Interstate 94

- Everything about the Rio Olympics so far

- Contestants on "The Bachelor"

I know Region leaders are trying to attract/keep young professionals. But I bet a lot of them are more interested living near a Trader Joe's or Binny's Beverage Depot than a multitude of late-night fireworks stores. 

A few weeks ago I attended the Food Truck Social in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. Lines of food trucks offering a tasty variety of food and drink. If it were allowed, the Region would probably host a Fireworks Truck Social. Or worse yet, could you imagine having fireworks delivered to your doorstep, like pizza. Maybe have fireworks on the pizza. 


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