LIVE: RailCats morning game vs. Wichita

2013-05-22T10:45:00Z 2013-05-22T17:24:13Z LIVE: RailCats morning game vs. WichitaBy Hillary Smith hillary.smith@nwi.com, (219) 933-3233 nwitimes.com

GARY | The RailCats woke up this morning to a roster move, picking up left-handed reliever Mike Hanley from Florence for a player to be named later and releasing infield-outfield versatile player Aljay Davis.

Davis played in two games over the weekend for the RailCats, going 1-for-3 with a run.

Hanley was in his third season in Florence, making one appearance already this season allowing a run in one inning. In his career with the Freedom, he has a 2.87 ERA with 44 strikeouts in 59 2/3 innings pitched.

With the addition of Hanley, the RailCats have three lefties in the bullpen including Estevan Uriegas and Clay Zavada.

Today's lineup:

Wichita (3-3)

SS Ryan Khoury

2B Jake Kahaulelio

DH John Rodriguez

1B CJ Ziegler

LF Colt Lohers

3B Abel Nieves

RF Derek Perren

C Stephen Yoo

CF Jared McDonald

RHP Chris Smith (0-0, 4.50 ERA)


RailCats (4-2)

LF Adam Klein

RF Mike Massaro

DH Cristian Guerrero

1B Craig Maddox

C Ryan Babineau

3B Brian Kolb

CF Drew Martinez

SS Danny Pulfer

2B Chase Tucker

RHP Stephen Hiscock (0-0, 1.80 ERA)


The RailCats are wearing maroon uni tops with white RC baseballs and and cats claws on the front left side. The maroon tops are paired with stirrup pants with stripes.

As the national anthem starts here at U.S. Steel Yard, so does the rain. It was very sunny about 10 minutes ago. The children are yelling for the wetness of the weather.

The game started a little early -- at 11:09 a.m. -- with an announced temp of 69 degrees.

First inning

Ryan Khoury is hit by a 2-2 pitch. Jake Kahaulelio singles past a diving Chase Tucker at second. Now the single past Chase Tucker by John Rodriguez scores Khoury. The rain is picking up, as is the wind. CJ Ziegler hits a homer off the scoreboard, scoring Kahaulelio and Rodriguez. RailCats record their first out as Colt Loehrs grounds out to first. Abel Nieves flies out to center as the rain stops. Batters are wiping their faces with their shirts so they can see the ball. Derek Perren pops out foul to catcher Ryan Babineau. The RailCats have better luck when it isn't raining. Mid 1st inning: Wingnuts 4, RailCats 0

Adam Klein is walked. Mike Massaro flies out to deep left, enough that the crowd starts to go wild, then sighs. Cristian Guerrero singles as the rain returns. Craig Maddox and Ryan Babineau both strike out. End 1st inning: Wingnuts 4, RailCats 0

Second inning

Stephen Yoo grounds out to short. Jared McDonald doubles off the wall in left field. The Wingnuts have officially rolled through the order once. Ryan Khoury hits a ball to center that Drew Martinez catches on the run. The RailCats have found a speedy center fielder in Martinez, that's the third of those kinds of catches in as many days by Martinez. Jake Kahaulelio grounds out to first. Mid 2nd inning: Wingnuts 4, RailCats 0

Brian Kolb grounds back to the mound, Drew Martinez pops out to the catcher and Danny Pulfer lines out to Kahaulelio at second. That's a 1-2-3 offensive inning for the RailCats. End 2nd inning: Wingnuts 4, RailCats 0

Third inning

John Rodriguez singles up the middle. A new promotion in the third inning of RailCats games gives $1 off any fresh Ben's Pretzel if the RailCats pitcher records a strikeout. It's an awesome pretzel and a good deal, but I don't know how many of these kids are pretzel connoisseurs. CJ Ziegler, who had the homer earlier, singles to move Rodriguez to second base. Both Ziegler and Rodriguez are 2-for-2. Colt Loehrs pops out foul. Abel Nieves grounds into a double play. Mid 3rd inning: Wingnuts 4, RailCats 0

Chase Tucker grounds out to second and Adam Klein flies out to left. Mike Massaro flies out to center and the Wingnuts have retired the last eight RailCats in a row. End 3rd inning: Wingnuts 4, RailCats 0

Fourth inning

Derek Perren leads off with a walk and Stephen Yoo hits a ball that Danny Pulfer at short tried to nab backhanded and instead is an error. Jared McDonald hits a sac fly to left that scores Perren. Pulfer throws into a double play as Perren's run will be recorded as unearned. Mid 4th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 0

Cristian Guerrero strikes out swinging and Craig Maddox pops out foul to third base. Ryan Babineau grounds out to short, that's 11 straight outs for the RailCats offense. End 4th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 0

Fifth inning

Jake Kahaulelio flies out to left. Stephen Hiscock records his first K, a dropped third strike out on John Rodriguez. CJ Ziegler, who hit the first-inning homer, hits off the top of the wall in center field, which would be a homer in most other parks in the American Association. Colt Loehrs flies out to center, leaving Ziegler on. Mid 5th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 0

Brian Kolb grounds out to short. Drew Martinez flies out to left, a catch made on a dive by Colt Loehrs. This one is called out, not like yesterday's still-mysterious catch. Danny Pulfer strikes out, that's 14 RailCats out in a row. End 5th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 0

Sixth inning

New RailCats pitcher is Kyle Lindquist, relieving Stephen Hiscock, who went 5 IP, with 7 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 1 SO, 1 HB. Lindquist doesn't fare much better as Abel Nieves opens the sixth with a single. Derek Perren flies out to left, so does Stephen Yoo. Jared McDonald flies out to right, Lindquist is out of the inning in seven pitches. Mid 6th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 0

Chase Tucker grounds out to second. Adam Klein strikes out swinging. Mike Massaro ends the drought at 16 batters with a single into right field. Cristian Guerrero hits a single that is missed by three fielders and Massaro scores on the sprint from first base. Guerrero is on second as the Wingnuts throw home trying to catch Massaro. Craig Maddox grounds out to second. End 6th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

Seventh inning

Ryan Khoury grounds back to the mound. Jake Kahaulelio flies out to shallow left. Kyle Lindquist strikes out John Rodriguez for the first 1-2-3 defensive inning for the RailCats. 7th inning stretch: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

Ryan Babineau lines out to short. Brian Kolb hits a single, he has safely reached base in every game he's played this season. Drew Martinez grounds into a fielder's choice that takes out Kolb at second. Martinez is safe on first. Martinez steals second on a 1-1 pitch to Danny Pulfer. Pulfer flies out to right. End 7th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

Eighth inning

CJ Ziegler is walked. That probably eliminates the odds of hitting for the cycle. He's 3-for-3 with three RBIs, a run and a walk. Colt Loehrs grounds into a double play. The rain has returned and Able Nieves doubles into outfield. That's it for Kyle Lindquist, who is replaced by new pitcher Mike Hanley. Hanley strikes out PH David Amberson. Mid 8th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

New Wichita pitcher is Lincoln Holdzkom, replacing Chris Smith who went an impressive 7 IP, with 4 H, 1 R, 1 BB and 5 SO. Chase Tucker singles off of Holdzkom. Adam Klein hits a very high bunt single that lands right in front of the second-base bag. Mike Massaro grounds out to first. Both runners are in scoring position as the rain returns. Cristian Guerrero strikes out. Rain delay begins at 1:24 p.m. with runners on and two out. ... The players have to run out on the field to help with the tarp. There are puddles in the left-field portion of the tarp and it can't be moved. The tarp pullers are trying to luff it to move it over infield. The rain stopped, but the first base area is a giant puddle of water. The tarp still won't move. ... The tarp finally is pulled onto the infield 15 minutes after the rain delay is called, at 1:41. ... The turf dry material is going onto the infield. The crew has filled the back of the gator truck because dumping it by the bag full would be too slow. The back of the gator is emptied onto the first base puddles. ... RailCats players Adam Klein and Danny Pulfer are signing autographs for fans during the rain delay. ... Morgan Coombs is tossing to bullpen coach Aaron Ciaburri. ... Now the turf dry is in a trailer being drug across the infield dirt via the gator. ... Three heaters have been placed on the field, directed at home plate to help dry the water. Relievers are watching the drying process in the bullpen area. ... Managers are told the game will restart at 3 p.m.ish. ... Game resumes at 3:06 p.m. after 1-hour, 42-minute delay. Craig Maddox is walked on a full-count pitch to load the bases. Ryan Babineau flies out to right field. End 8th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

Ninth inning

New RailCats pitcher is Morgan Coombs. Stephen Yoo grounds out to second, the field seems to not have any extra pot holes in it at short. Jared McDonald flies out to right. Ryan Khoury pops out to short. Mid 9th inning: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

New Wichita pitcher is Josh Dew. Brian Kolb pops out to first base. Drew Martinez hits a single. Danny Pulfer is walked, the RailCats have two runners on. Chase Tucker is caught checking his swing for the second out. Adam Klein grounds back to the mound. FINAL: Wingnuts 5, RailCats 1

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