LIVE: RailCats vs Canaries, stay away from injury day

2013-06-08T17:30:00Z 2013-06-08T21:40:12Z LIVE: RailCats vs Canaries, stay away from injury dayBy Hillary Smith hillary.smith@nwi.com, (219) 933-3233 nwitimes.com

GARY | The RailCats are entertaining an interesting lineup with injuries and illnesses.

The team made the official move this morning to put Stephen Hiscock on the inactive list with shoulder soreness and picked up left-handed reliever James Adkins.

A former first round pick by the Los Angeles Dodgers, Adkins pitched at the University of Tennessee and as high as Double-A Carolina with the Reds. He didn't pitch in 2012.

Leadoff man and left fielder Adam Klein is out of the lineup, sick at home with the flu. Klein is a gamer, so the stomach flu doesn't actually preclude him from dragging himself out of bed and coming in to try to enter in the late innings.

Tonight's lineup:

Sioux Falls Canaries (9-13)

CF Nick Van Stratten

2B Jake Taylor

LF JP Ramirez

3B Jared Clark

DH John Alonso

1B Tim Pahuta

SS Cory Morales

RF Nate Baumann

C Steve Domecus

RHP Kyle Ruwe (2-2, 3.00 ERA)


RailCats (11-9)

2B Chase Tucker

RF Mike Massaro

DH Cristian Guerrero

LF Steve Liddle

3B Brian Kolb

1B Danny Pulfer

CF Drew Martinez

C Tyler Smith

SS Zac Mitchell

LHP Alain Quijano (3-1, 4.88 ERA)


First inning

Leadoff hitter Nick Van Stratten doubles into left field on the 11th pitch he sees. Jake Taylor flies out to center field, moving Van Stratten to third. JP Ramirez grounds out to first, scoring Van Stratten. Jared Clark walks. John Alonso lines back to the mound. Mid 1st inning: Canaries 1, RailCats 0

Chase Tucker flies out to center field. Mike Massaro pops out to second and Cristian Guerrero strikes out swinging. End 1st inning: Canaries 1, RailCats 0

Second inning

Tim Pahuta is walked. Cory Morales grounds to second and Pahuta is taken out, but the RailCats can't complete the double play. Morales steals second. Nate Baumann and Steve Domecus strike out. Mid 2nd inning: Canaries 1, RailCats 0

Steve LIddle, his first time batting fourth for the RailCats, grounds out to short. Brian Kolb hits a line drive that is caught on a jump by Cory Morales at short (was there a trampoline out there?). Danny Pulfer flies out to left. End 2nd inning: Canaries 1, RailCats 0

Third inning

Nick Van Stratten triples to leadoff the inning. He already has a double. Van Stratten scores on a single by Jake Taylor. JP Ramirez grounds out to first, Taylor is out at second, Ramirez is safe as the 'Cats miss another double play. Jared Clark walks. John Alonso flies out to left, Tim Pahuta grounds out to short. Mid 3rd inning: Canaries 2, RailCats 0

Drew Martinez grounds out to second, and the fans think he actually beat out the throw. Tyler Smith flies out to right and Zac Mitchell pops out foul to the shortstop, who makes the catch in the RailCats bullpen. End 3rd inning: Canaries 2, RailCats 0

Fourth inning

Cory Morales has the fourth hit of the game and the third for extra bases with a double. Nate Baumann hits a sac bunt to move Morales to third. A sac fly by Steve Domecus scores Morales. Nick Van Stratten singles, then is caught in a 1-3-6-1 rundown. Mid 4th inning: Canaries 3, RailCats 0

Chase Tucker grounds back to the mound. Mike Massaro doubles into left, the first hit off of Kyle Ruwe. Cristian Guerrero grounds out to short, leaving Massaro on second. Steve Liddle grounds back to the mound. End 4th inning: Canaries 3, RailCats 0

Fifth inning

Jake Taylor strikes out looking and JP Ramirez singles down the right-field line. Ramirez steals second, which doesn't ultimately matter much as Jared Clark is walked. John Alonso reaches on an error that scores Ramirez. Tim Pahuta hits a fly ball to shallow right, second baseman Chase Tucker is waived off by Mike Massaro, who drops the ball, grabs it and steps on second base, tagging out Alonso. Pahuta is on first on the fielder's choice. Cory Morales flies out to center. Mid 5th inning: Canaries 4, RailCats 0

Brian Kolb reaches when the ball is dropped by the second baseman. Scorekeeper calls it a hit, it's clearly an error. Danny Pulfer reaches when the ball is booted by the second baseman and that couldn't be anything but an error. Drew Martinez grounds back to the mound and Pulfer is out at second on the fielder's choice. Tyler Smith singles to score Kolb. Zac Mitchell lines out to first, a step on the base takes out Smith for the unassisted double play. End 5th inning: Canaries 4, RailCats 1

Sixth inning

Nate Baumann makes a quick fly out to right field. Steve Domecus strikes out, the third K by Quijano. Nick Van Stratten is walked. Jake Taylor triples to left, scoring Van Stratten. JP Ramirez pops out to short. Mid 6th inning: Canaries 5, RailCats 1

Chase Tucker strikes out, Mike Massaro pops out to third and Cristian Guerrero strikes out. End 6th inning: Canaries 5, RailCats 1

Seventh inning

New RailCats pitcher is Kyle Lindquist, relieving Alain Quijano, who allowed seven hits and five runs in six innings. If the RailCats don't come back this will be Quijano's first back-to-back losses of the season. Jared Clark grounds out to third. John Alonso walks and Tim Pahuta hits a single. Cory Morales flies out to right. Nate Baumann doubles off the wall in left, scoring Alonso and Pahuta. A single by Steve Domecus scores Baumann. Drew Martinez makes a sliding catch in left-center, ending the inning. 7th-inning stretch: Canaries 8, RailCats 1

Steve Liddle reaches on a single. Brian Kolb and Danny Pulfer fly out to right. Drew Martinez singles into right field, moving Liddle to second. Tyler Smith doubles to the right-field corner, scoring Liddle and Martinez. Zac Mitchell grounds out to first. End 7th inning: Canaries 8, RailCats 3

Eighth inning

Jake Taylor grounds out to third. The RailCats are throwing new pitcher James Adkins in the pen. JP Ramirez strikes out swinging. Jared Clark walks. Adkins enters with two out. John Alonso flies out to center field. Mid 8th inning: Canaries 8, RailCats 3

Kirk Clark is now pitching for the Canaries. He strikes out Chase Tucker on three pitches. Mike Massaro grounds out to first. Cristian Guerrero reaches on a throwing error by third baseman Jared Clark. Steve Liddle singles up the middle to put two on with two out. Brian Kolb grounds out to first. End 8th inning: Canaries 8, RailCats 3

Ninth inning

James Adkins returns for the ninth inning for the RailCats. Tim Pahuta singles. He's reached base in four of his five turns at the plate (a walk, a fielder's choice and two singles). The double play works for the RailCats as Cory Morales grounds into it. Nate Baumann grounds back to the mound. Mid 9th inning: Canaries 8, RailCats 3

Danny Pulfer reaches on a throwing error by second baseman Jake Taylor. Pulfer scores on a triple by Drew Martinez. Pinch hitter Craig Maddox pops out foul to third base. Martinez scores on a wild pitch to Zac Mitchell. Mitchell then grounds to second. Chase Tucker takes a four-pitch, two-out walk. New pitcher is Alan DeRatt. An error at short puts Mike Massaro on first. Cristian Guerrero singles home Tucker. Steve Liddle grounds back to the mound, the ball is bobbled, but Liddle is out at first. FINAL: Canaries 8, RailCats 6

After the game

Manager Greg Tagert:

"I don't want a spirited rally to overshadow all the shortcomings of the RailCats. We obviously didn't play with the lead, and Alain wasn't as sharp as he's been even though he did limit the damage to the one run (each inning), but we just weren't able to get out of one of those innings. The two-out problems have hurt us. Alain gave up the fifth run with two out and then unfortunately Kyle Lindquist is touched up and in that inning, that's when we needed Kyle to get us through one inning and turn it over to the rest of the guys in the bullpen and he didn't do his job and that's been the story the last couple of nights we haven't been doing our jobs. Give Sioux Falls credit, they're a good ball club; they're going to be solid.

"We knew Ruwe would be tough, we needed to keep it close and we didn't keep it quite close enough and then we let it get away from us.

"Most important was the Lindquist inning. One of the things we can't afford to do is give the extra runs and give the extra outs. We've done that now for a few nights here, especially the last two along with the night in Amarillo. That's something we certainly have to rectify, you're not going to win any games doing that. We don't have enough offense right now, and I'm not even sure in the future, to offset those kinds of deficits."

Mike Massaro:

"We've got to tighten up, we've gotten a little sloppy defensively. With us, you know, we've got to pitch and play defense. We're not a team that's going to go out and hit a bunch of home runs, but we're going to scrap and get our runs and we're going to get them late because we're scrappy. But we've got to play defense. We need to tighten that up a little bit. I think if we can do that and put up some zeroes, we'll be back to where we need to be."

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