LIVE: RailCats vs. Lemurs, scare away the rain

2012-09-01T17:15:00Z 2012-09-01T21:22:08Z LIVE: RailCats vs. Lemurs, scare away the rainBy Hillary Smith hillary.smith@nwi.com, (219) 933-3233 nwitimes.com

GARY | If you're headed to U.S. Steel Yard already, or packing up the car to do so, be prepared to see a game.

Despite the rain most of the day and the weather forecast for more coming, the RailCats and American Association are willing to stretch a few curfew rules to make sure the next three games are played.

With Laredo in a postseason race and a magic number of two, every game means a step closer to the playoffs for the Lemurs. For the sake of that race, Laredo can't finish with fewer games played than the other teams fighting for the top spot in the South Division.

"With the weather the next few days, these games probably won't be handled like they would during the rest of the regular season," RailCats manager Greg Tagert said. "If we go into a two or three hour delay, I want the club prepared just in case."

The RailCats held a team meeting after batting practice to discuss that a lengthy wait time could be in their future, should the clouds open up.

Tonight's lineup:

Laredo (52-45)

44 Stephen Douglas CF

7 Jimmy Mojica SS

22 Palmer Karr Jr. DH

30 John Allen LF

40 Javier Brito 1B

18 Uriak Marquez 3B

27 Brian Peterson C

54 Stephen Pearson RF

9 Anthony Scelfo 2B

LHP Ryan Sasaki (5-3, 4.02)


RailCats (49-48)

36 Adam Klein RF

3 Mike Massaro CF

30 Brian Kolb 3B

24 Craig Maddox C

4 Mike Rohde DH

20 Eric Suttle LF

54 Kenny Bryant 1B

6 Chase Tucker 2B

9 David Cooper SS

RHP Morgan Coombs (6-8, 5.37 ERA)

First inning

Stephen Douglas flies out to center. Jimmy Mojica grounds out to short, he's tagged on the basepaths for the out. Palmer Karr Jr. strikes out swinging. Mid 1st inning: Lemurs 0, RailCats 0

Adam Klein flies out to center field on a 2-2 pitch. Mike Massaro strikes out. Brian Kolb singles into very shallow right-center. Craig Maddox grounds out to second. End 1st inning: RailCats 0, Lemurs 0

Second inning

John Allen flies out to center field. Javier Brito is walked. Uriak Marquez also flies out to center. Brian Peterson doubles into the left-field corner, scoring Brito. That'll bring a convo on the mound with Morgan Coombs and pitching coach Dennis Pelfrey. Stephen Pearson pops out to second. Mid 2nd inning: Lemurs 1, RailCats 0

Mike Rohde pops out to third base. Eric Suttle is walked, he didn't even appear to get into his stance for the final ball thrown. Suttle steals second. Kenny Bryant lines out to short, leaving Suttle to scurry back to the bag. A single that finds a hole between three fielders in shallow right scores Suttle and puts Chase Tucker on second (Tucker to second base on the throw home that wasn't in time to catch Suttle). David Cooper lays down a bunt that pulls three fielders away from first base and he easily takes the bag. That'll bring a pretty quick meeting on the mound. David Cooper is out trying to steal second. Cooper remains on the field after the slide, seemingly injured. He's attended to by Audric Warren, but after a minute or two returns to his position at short. He doesn't seem to be favoring an appendage. End 2nd inning: RailCats 1, Lemurs 1

Third inning

Anthony Scelfo is walked. Stephen Douglas hits a double that hugs the third-base line and gets lost in the RailCats bullpen. Scelfo scores from first, though the throw home is in time and Tim McCaffrey made the call at home plate and said Scelfo avoided the tag. Jimmy Mojica lays down a sac bunt to move Douglas to third. Palmer Karr Jr. lines out to third base. John Allen grounds back to the mound. Mid 3rd inning: Lemurs 2, RailCats 1.

Adam Klein hits a bunt up the first-base line that -- once again -- finds a hole as there's no one covering first. That play is working for the RailCats tonight. Mike Massaro flies out to left field. Klein steals second on the first pitch to Brian Kolb. On a 1-2 pitch, Kolb lines out to second base and Klein is called out at second, though he could not have more clearly touched the bag before Anthony Scelfo. End 3rd inning: Lemurs 2, RailCats 1

Fourth inning

Javier Brito strikes out swinging. Uriak Marquez flies out to right field. Brian Peterson lines into left-center for the first hit of the inning. Stephen Pearson scores Peterson with a no-doubt homer to the sidewalk in front of the Diamond club in right field. Anthony Scelfo breaks his bat on a ground ball to second. Mid 4th inning: Lemurs 4, RailCats 1

Craig Maddox singles into center field. Mike Rohde grounds to second, where the Lemur defense tries to take Maddox out at the base, but the tag isn't in time and the 'Cats have two on with none out. Craig Maddox is out at third on a fielder's choice ball hit to short by Eric Suttle. Kenny Bryant strikes out swinging. Chase Tucker grounds out to second. End 4th inning: Lemurs 4, RailCats 1

Fifth inning

Stephen Douglas lays down a perfect 2-foot bunt. Jimmy Mojica erases the benefit of the bunt by grounding into a double play. Palmer Karr Jr. is walked. John Allen strikes out swinging. Mid 5th inning: Lemurs 4, RailCats 1

David Cooper grounds back to the mound. Adam Klein strikes out. Mike Massaro grounds out, that's the second 1-2-3 offensive inning for the RailCats. End 5th inning: Lemurs 4, RailCats 1

Sixth inning

Javier Brito singles into right center field.  That'll bring a slow walk to the mound for Greg Tagert. LHP Estevan Uriegas replaces Morgan Coombs. Uriak Marquez grounds into a double play. Brian Peterson flies out to center. Mid 6th inning: Lemurs 4, RailCats 1

Brian Kolb grounds back to the mound. Craig Maddox singles into right field. Mike Rohde hits a broken-bat single to put two on. A wild pitch to Eric Suttle moves the runners into scoring position. With a 1-0 count to Suttle, the Lemurs make a pitching change. Craig Maddox scores on a passed ball. Kenny Bryant strikes out swinging. Chase Tucker lays down a bunt and looks like he has the single, but a defensive gem at third by Uriak Marquez makes the third out. End 6th inning: Lemurs 4, RailCats 2

Seventh inning

Stephen Pearson strikes out. Anthony Scelfo does, too. Just because the RailCats can't seem to get out of an inning without allowing some kind of base runner, Stephen Douglas is walked. Jimmy Mojica singles into center, Douglas is on third, Mojica takes second on a throw to try to take out Douglas. A single into right-center by Palmer Karr Jr. scores Douglas and Mojica. The RailCats haven't cured themselves of their two-out illness. John Allen flies out to right. 7th-inning stretch: Lemurs 6, RailCats 2

Edwin Walker -- formerly of St. Paul -- enters to pitch for Laredo. David Cooper tries a bunt and is just out-tagged at first base. Adam Klein pops out to second. Mike Massaro strikes out swinging. End 7th inning: Lemurs 6, RailCats 2

Eighth inning

David Cooper snags a slow hopper up the middle to take out Javier Brito at first. Uriak Marquez strikes out swinging. Brian Peterson flies out to center. Mid 8th inning: Lemurs 6, RailCats 2

Brian Kolb flies out to left field. Craig Maddox strikes out looking. Mike Rohde grounds out to second base. End 8th inning: Lemurs 6, RailCats 2

Ninth inning

This game is Uriegas' to end. Stephen Pearson pops out to short. Anthony Scelfo flies out to left. Stephen Douglas reaches on a misplayed ball by Chase Tucker at second. Jimmy Mojica strikes out swinging. Mid 9th inning: Lemurs 6, RailCats 2

The newest Laredo pitcher is Mike Benacka, a righty. Eric Suttle is walked and there's a meeting on the mound with Benacka and catcher Brian Peterson after Benacka throws his fifth straight ball. Trevor Willis, as a pinch hitter, pops out to left field. Chase Tucker strikes out swinging and his third swing lands his bat into the stands behind the 'Cats dugout. David Cooper is walked. Adam Klein grounds back to the mound. Final score: Lemurs 6, RailCats 2

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