LIVE: RailCats vs Saints, sweep the series Sunday

2013-06-23T13:00:00Z 2013-06-23T17:21:12Z LIVE: RailCats vs Saints, sweep the series SundayBy Hillary Smith hillary.smith@nwi.com, (219) 933-3233 nwitimes.com

GARY | If the RailCats beat St. Paul today, it will be the first sweep of a series by the team this season.

The 'Cats have been swept once -- by Sioux Falls -- and have three times come within the final game of a series sweep.

With a Wichita loss in 11 innings Saturday night and a Lincoln win, the RailCats are in third place, three games away from the top of the American Association Central Division standings.

Today's lineup comes early:

St. Paul Saints (17-18)

SS Adam Frost

3B Joey Becker

DH Brad Boyer

LF Willie Cabrera

RF Brandon Tripp

CF Jose Hernandez

C Dwight Childs

2B Dan Kaczrowski

1B Donald Blunt

RHP Anthony Claggett (4-1, 2.91 ERA)


RailCats (19-15)

LF Adam Klein

DH Mike Massaro

RF Cristian Guerrero

C Ryan Babineau

1B Danny Pulfer

3B Brian Kolb

CF Drew Martinez

SS Christian Vitters

2B Chase Tucker

LHP Ari Ronick (3-3, 4.28 ERA)


First inning

Adam Frost pops out to left field. Joey Becker and Brad Boyer follow with back-to-back singles. Willie Cabrera pops out foul to first base. Brandon Tripp singles into right field, scoring Becker. Jose Hernandez is the first strikeout victim of Ari Ronick. Mid 1st inning: Saints 1, RailCats 0

Adam Klein is walked on five pitches. Mike Massaro doubles into left-center. Klein was thinking it'd be caught so he held up at second, making it only as far as third on the hit. Cristian Guerrero singles, scoring Klein. Ryan Babineau grounds into a double play, scoring Massaro, who has the all-time record for runs in a career by a RailCats player. Danny Pulfer singles up the middle. Pulfer takes second on a wild pitch to Brian Kolb. Kolb singles, scoring Pulfer. A bad throw by the third baseman keeps the inning alive and Drew Martinez is on first on an E5 that puts Kolb on third. Christian Vitters grounds out to first. End 1st inning: RailCats 3, Saints 1

Second inning

Cristian Guerrero makes the long trek from right field to the foul corner for the first out on a ball hit by Dwight Childs. Dan Kaczrowski grounds out to second and Donald Blunt flies out to center. Mid 2nd inning: RailCats 3, Saints 1

Chase Tucker opens with a walk to bring on Adam Klein, who is second in the league in walks. Klein grounds out to second. Mike Massaro strikes out swinging. Cristian Guerrero double scores Chase Tucker. Ryan Babineau grounds out to short. End 2nd inning: RailCats 4, Saints 1

Third inning

Adam Frost pops out foul behind the plate. Joey Becker is the first hitter to try out Christian Vitters at short, grounding out. Vitters wasn't bad on the routine play for the first time in the infield since 2009. Brad Boyer doubles into right-center. Willie Cabrera hits a two-out homer that also scores Boyer to cut the lead. Brandon Tripp singles, the Saints have three hits with two out. Jose Hernandez singles, that's four hits with two out. Dwight Childs strikes out looking, he clearly disagrees with the call. Mid 3rd inning: RailCats 4, Saints 3

All balls hit to second base: Danny Pulfer pops out to second, Brian Kolb and Drew Martinez ground out to second. End 3rd inning: RailCats 4, Saints 3

Fourth inning

Dan Kaczrowski leads off with a walk. Donald Blunt strikes out swinging, but not before Kaczrowski steals second. On a pitch to Adam Frost, Kaczrowksi is caught stealing third. Frost is walked on a 3-2 pitch. Joey Becker grounds into a fielder's choice at short, Frost is taken out at second. Mid 4th inning: RailCats 4, Saints 3

Christian Vitters was hit by a pitch. Chase Tucker singles up the middle. Adam Klein hits a swinging bunt, but it's not technically a sacrifice, though it looked initially (on the first of the seven pitches he saw) that's what he wanted to do. Mike Massaro singles up the middle, scoring Vitters and Tucker, and tying Jay Pecci for all-time most hits as a RailCats player. Pecci's records are falling today. All of Pecci's records were set in six seasons, Massaro is 35 games into his fifth season. Cristian Guerrero fouls a ball off of his foot, he needs attention from the athletic trainer. He continues his at-bat, grounding into a double play. He looks to be laboring his running. Still, as the inning ends, he heads out to right field. End 4th inning: RailCats 6, Saints 3

Fifth inning

Brad Boyer flies out to left. Willie Cabrera also flies out to left. Brandon Tripp hits a homer over the left-field wall. Jose Hernandez likes out to short. Mid 5th inning: RailCats 6, Saints 4

Ryan Babineau strikes out looking. Danny Pulfer grounds out to second. Brian Kolb flies out to center field. End 5th inning: RailCats 6, Saints 4

Sixth inning

Dwight Childs strikes out swinging. Dan Kaczrowski is walked. Donald Blunt is hit by a pitch. The RailCats have Taylor Sewitt warming up in the bullpen. Yup, that'll be it, Greg Tagert makes the trip to the mound. New pitcher is Sewitt, who threw two innings on Friday. Ronick is in line for the win, but if the runners on first and second score, he loses that chance. Adam Frost swings at a third pitch by Sewitt, but it's wild and travels past Ryan Babineau. Because first base is occupied, he can't take first on the wild pitch. Joey Becker grounds out to short. Mid 6th inning: RailCats 6, Saints 4

Drew Martinez and Christian Vitters flies out to right. Chase Tucker does the same. End 6th inning: RailCats 6, Saints 4

Seventh inning

New RailCats pitcher is Boomer Potts. Brad Boyer flies out to center, Drew Martinez jumps to grab the ball. Willie Cabrera singles to short. Brandon Tripp walks. Jose Hernandez singles to load the bases. Dwight Childs grounds out to first, scoring Cabrera. Dan Kaczrowski is intentionally walked. Marco Gonzalez relieves Boomer Potts. Donald Blunt pops out to second. 7th-inning stretch: RailCats 6, Saints 5

New Saints pitcher is Mikey Mehlich. Adam Klein walks, Mike Massaro hits a sac bunt in front of the catcher to move Klein to second. Cristian Guerrero strikes out. Ryan Babineau flies out to right field. End 7th inning: RailCats 6, Saints 5

Eighth inning

Adam Frost flies out to right and Joey Becker grounds out to short. Brad Boyer singles and Willie Cabrera doubles to put two runners in scoring position with two out. That'll bring a meeting on the mound. Brandon Tripp is intentionally walked. Jose Hernandez hits up the middle, scoring Boyer and Cabrera. Brandon Tripp is out on an outfield putout to third base. Mid 8th inning: Saints 7, RailCats 6

Danny Pulver strikes out looking. Brian Kolb flies out to right. Drew Martinez flies out to left. End 8th inning: Saints 7, RailCats 6

Ninth inning

Clay Zavada enters the game to pitch for the RailCats. After a complete game last night, they've used four relievers today. Dwight Childs flies out to center. Dan Kaczrowski reaches on an error by shortstop Christian Vitters. Donald Blunt pops out foul behind the plate. Adam Frost strikes out swinging. Mid 9th inning: Saints 7, RailCats 6

New Saints pitcher is Matt Meyer, the guy who gave up three runs in the ninth to blow the save on Friday. Christian Vitters flies out to center. Chase Tucker strikes out swinging. Adam Klein is walked, he is the all-time RailCats walks leader. Mike Massaro singles, he takes over the hits record. Both runners are put in scoring position on a wild pitch to Cristian Guerrero. Guerrero singles into left, scoring Massaro and Klein, ending the game. Meyer has blown consecutive saves against the RailCats. FINAL: RailCats 8, Saints 7

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