LIVE: RailCats vs. Sioux Falls, Bark in the Park

2013-06-09T12:30:00Z 2013-06-09T18:37:08Z LIVE: RailCats vs. Sioux Falls, Bark in the ParkBy Hillary Smith hillary.smith@nwi.com, (219) 933-3233 nwitimes.com

GARY | The RailCats are welcoming dogs to U.S. Steel Yard with their annual Bark in the Park promotion.

Furry friends have a shade station, water stations and puppy pools around the park.

The team hopes to turn around its fate today and avoid falling to .500 for the first time since May 19.

After a 2-2 record in its first series of the year, the RailCats won four straight series, going 8-3 over that time. Since Monday, however, the week hasn't been kind. Losing two of three to Amarillo and four of their last five games gives the RailCats an 11-10 record while facing Sioux Falls, a team that entered the series 8-13.

Today's lineup:

Sioux Falls Canaries (10-13)

CF Nick Van Stratten

DH Jake Taylor

LF JP Ramirez

3B Jared Clark

RF Nate Baumann

1B Tim Pahuta

SS Cory Morales

C Kevin Dultz

2B Anthony Trajano

LHP Mitchell Clegg (0-0, 6.75 ERA)


RailCats (11-10)

LF Adam Klein

RF Mike Massaro

DH Cristian Guerrero

C Craig Maddox

1B Steve Liddle

3B Brian Kolb

CF Drew Martinez

SS Zac Mitchell

2B Danny Pulfer

LHP Ari Ronick (3-1, 2.92 ERA)


First inning

That didn't take long. Nick Van Stratten hits a solo home run over the left-filed wall. Jake Taylor flies out to center, a ball caught on the run-and-jump by Drew Martinez. JP Ramirez is hit in the hand by a pitch. The sound of the hit was sickening. He's running on the bases, you can see his hand swelling. Jared Clark flies out to center. Nate Baumann strikes out swinging. Mid 1st inning: Canaries 1, RailCats 0

The Canaries replace Ramirez in left field. No. 14 Steve Domecus will take over the position. Domecus is listed as a catcher and played behind the plate Saturday. Adam Klein is clearly healthy today: he's hit a triple to right-center. Klein scores on a wild pitch to Mike Massaro, the second pitch to Massaro. On four pitches, Massaro is issued a walk. He steals second on a pitch to Cristian Guerrero, who then strikes out swinging. Craig Maddox grounds out to short and Steve Liddle flies out to center. End 1st inning: RailCats 1, Canaries 1

Second inning

Tim Pahuta grounds out to second and Cory Morales strikes out swinging. Kevin Dultz is walked. Anthony Trajano singles to right to move Dultz to third base. Nick Van Stratten singles into left field, scoring Dultz. Jake Taylor singles up the middle, scoring Trajano from second. Steve Domecus strikes out swinging. Mid 2nd inning: Canaries 3, RailCats 1

Brian Kolb grounds out to short. Drew Martinez flies out to left. Zac Mitchell hits a two-out single. Danny Pulfer hit a single to move Mitchell to second. Hmmm, this is feeling like the top of the inning, two-out hits. Adam Klein singles to score Mitchell from second. Mike Massaro singles into shallow left, scoring Pulfer. Cristian Guerrero pops out to second. End 2nd inning: RailCats 3, Canaries 3

Third inning

Jared Clark hits a homer over the left-center wall, retaking the lead for the Canaries. A fielding error on Zac Mitchell puts Nate Baumann on first. Tim Pahuta hits a ball down the first-base line, the ball is booted by Steve Liddle at first, allowing Pahuta to take the base. Liddle then tries to catch Baumann on third, and the ball goes into the stands, scoring Baumann. That's a two-error play for one run. A single by Cory Morales scores Pahuta. Kevin Dultz flies out to center, Morales stays on first. Morales is caught trying to steal second. Anthony Trajano strikes out swinging. Mid 3rd inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 3

Craig Maddox is hit by a pitch. A single by Steve Liddle puts two on with none out. A bunt single by Brian Kolb loads the bases. A bloop single by Drew Martinez scores Maddox. Zac Mitchell hits a single into shallow left that falls between three fielders. Liddle is called out on a close tag at the plate. A single by Danny Pulfer scores Kolb. The bases remain loaded with one out. Adam Klein grounds into a double play. End 3rd inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

Fourth inning

Nick Van Stratten grounds out to third base. Jake Taylor doubles off the wall in left. Steve Domecus flies out to left, Taylor takes third, and as he hesitates Adam Klein throws to second instead of third. Jared Clark flies out to center. Mid 4th inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

Mike Massaro is walked. Cristian Guerrero flies out to center. On a 2-2 pitch to Craig Maddox, Massaro steals second then reaches third on an errant throw from the catcher. Maddox strikes out looking on a called strike on the high corner. Steve Liddle grounds out to first. End 4th inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

Fifth inning

Nate Bauman (center field), Tim Pahuta (left) and Cory Morales (center) all fly out to the outfield, the first 1-2-3 inning of the game. Mid 5th inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

Brian Kolb flies out to right and Drew Martinez pops out to the pitcher. Zac Mitchell is issued a two-out walk, prompting a meeting on the mound. Danny Pulfer pops out to short. End 5th inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

Sixth inning

New RailCats pitcher is Ian Durham. Ari Ronick went five, tying his shortest outing of the year. Kevin Dultz reaches on an error, that's four today for the RailCats. In a rush to field the ball, three defensive players miss covering first base, Anthony Trajano reaches on an infield single. Third baseman Brian Kolb calls a meeting on the mound. Nick Van Stratten hits a sac bunt that moves runners into scoring position. Jake Taylor is intentionally walked to load the bases and set up the double play. Steve Domecus lines into a double play. Mid 6th inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

New Canaries pitcher is Jack Van Leur. Adam Klein grounds out to first. Mike Massaro singles between third and short, the 10th hit of the game for the RailCats and second for Massaro. The outfielder has reached all four times to the plate. Cristian Guerrero is called out with a 3-2 pitch; he pitched the bat thinking it was a walk. Craig Maddox strikes out swinging. End 6th inning: Canaries 6, RailCats 5

Seventh inning

Jared Clark doubles down the left-field line. Nate Baumann grounds back to the mound, Clark is taken out at third and Baumann reaches on the fielder's choice. Tim Pahuta hits a ball that is bobbled by first baseman Steve Liddle (can anyone say third inning?), but this time Liddle recovers and makes the out at first. Baumann is on second base. Cory Morales drives in Baumann with a single into shallow right. Kevin Dultz singles to put runners on the corners. Anthony Trajano walks to load the bases. Nick Van Stratten singles to score Morales and Dultz. Jake Taylor strikes out swinging. 7th-inning stretch: Canaries 9, RailCats 5

Steve Liddle is walked, he's reached base in two of his four at-bats. Liddle takes second on a wild pitch. On the next pitch, Brian Kolb strikes out. Drew Martinez also strikes out, that's four Ks for Jack Van Leur. Zac Mitchell grounds out to second. End 7th inning: Canaries 9, RailCats 5

Eighth inning

Steve Domecus grounds out to short. Jared Clark flies out to center, a ball caught by Drew Martinez on the run. Nate Baumann singles down the first-base line. Tim Pahuta strikes out swinging. Mid 8th inning: Canaries 9, RailCats 5

New Canaries pitcher is Kyle Vazquez. Danny Pulfer grounds out to second. Adam Klein flies out to center. Mike Massaro is 3-for-3 and has reached base all five times with a double to left. Cristian Guerrero lays down a bunt that moves Massaro to third. Craig Maddox grounds out to second. End 8th inning: Canaries 9, RailCats 5

Ninth inning

Clay Zavada comes in to pitch the ninth. Cory Morales grounds out to third base. Kevin Dultz flies out to left and Anthony Trajano grounds out to short. A 1-2-3 inning for the Canaries. Mid 9th inning: Canaries 9, RailCats 5

Matt Daly will pitch the ninth for the Canaries. Steve Liddle has his second hit of the day, a single that fools first baseman Tim Pahuta and reaches right field. Brian Kolb flies out to right. Drew Martinez flies out to center and catches Liddle off base for the double play. Liddle disagrees with the call. The first baseman is still standing there as the Canaries dugout empties for the post-game congrats. FINAL: Canaries 9, RailCats 5

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