LIVE: RailCats vs. Sioux Falls, escape the rain

2013-08-16T17:00:00Z 2013-08-16T22:40:20Z LIVE: RailCats vs. Sioux Falls, escape the rainBy Hillary Smith hillary.smith@nwi.com, (219) 933-3233 nwitimes.com

GARY | Of the three-game trip the RailCats had scheduled in Wichita Tuesday through Thursday, the team played one day.

It was a double-header that turned into a win-loss day for the 'Cats.

The 10-5 win that ultimately capped the five-game trip through Lincoln and Wichita is the momentum that Gary brings to a six day home stretch.

The final day that was rained out in Wichita will be made up in Gary on Tuesday with a double header slated for 5:10 p.m.

However, the 'Cats finished that stretch with a 1-4 record that included two one-run losses.

"In Wichita, that was 1-1 going into the ninth and they won it on the last at-bat," manager Greg Tagert said. "It was similar in Lincoln. We win two of those close games and that's the difference coming home 3-2 from the road trip."

Sioux Falls is the team that has gotten the best of the RailCats this season. The 'Cats are 1-6 against the Canaries, who are 35-49 overall and last in the North Division. Somehow, the 47-35 RailCats can't seem to solve Sioux Falls.

"They're a talented team," Tagert said. "I think Sioux Falls is the exception to explain the fine line between 1-4 and 3-2 road trips."

Tonight's lineup:

Sioux Falls Canaries

RF Nick Van Stratten

SS Cody Morales

1B Marcos Rodriguez

CF Reggie Abercrombie

DH Tim Pahuta

3B Jared Clark

LF JP Ramirez

C Jake Taylor

2B Stephen King

RHP Kyle Ruwe (9-6, 3.57 ERA)



LF Adam Klein

RF Mike Massaro

1B Christian Vitters

C Craig Maddox

DH Reid Fronk

3B Brian Kolb

CF Drew Martinez

SS Zac Mitchell

2B Nick Liles

LHP Alain Quijano (10-6, 4.09 ERA)


First inning

Nick Van Stratten grounds out to third base. Cody Morales flies out to left. So does Marcos Rodriguez and Quijano is out of the inning in nine pitches. Mid 1st inning: Canaries 0, RailCats 0

Adam Klein flies out to center. Mike Massaro hits a short double, a ball that falls between two fielders just off the infield dirt (left fielder waived off the shortstop then missed the play). Christian Vitters doubles down the first-base line and into right field, scoring Massaro. Craig Maddox is walked to put two on. Reid Fronk strikes out. Brian Kolb grounds out taking out Maddox at second. End 1st inning: RailCats 1, Canaries 0

Second inning

Reggie Abercrombie pops out to third base. Tim Pahuta flies out to center. Jared Clark strikes out swinging. Mid 2nd inning: RailCats 1, Canaries 0

Drew Martinez grounds back to the mound for the putout at first. Zac Mitchell flies out to right field, just in front of the warning track. Nick Liles hits a two-out single. Adam Klein follows with a bloop into center field. Mike Massaro flies out to left field. End 2nd inning: RailCats 1, Canaries 0

Third inning

JP Ramirez singles off of Quijano (on hits 18th pitch of the day). Jake Taylor also hits a single. No infielder there to cover first so a bunt single by Stephen King loads the bases. Nick Van Stratten pops out foul to first base, no one moves from the bases. Cody Morales singles up the middle, the ball hits Alain Quijano in the hand and scores J.P. Ramirez. Quijano is trying to walk off the pain. He pitches to prove he's OK and the first ball goes over the head of Maddox and after the second he tosses the ball back to the mound and shakes his head. Taylor Sewitt replaces Quijano, who threw 33 pitches and struck out 1 in 2 1/3 IP. Marcos Rodriguez singles into right scoring Taylor and King. A throwing error home by Mike Massaro moves Morales and Rodriguez to third and second. Reggie Abercrombie is hit by a pitch. Tim Pahuta hits a grand slam that also scores Morales, Rodriguez and Abercrombie. Jared Clark flies out to right field. Canaries have batted around and JP Ramirez singles for the second time this inning. Jake Taylor likes out to second base. Mid 3rd inning: Canaries 7, RailCats 1

Christian Vitters grounds out to second. Craig Maddox singles up the middle. Reid Fronk grounds out to first and Maddox is taken out at second. The Canaries can't complete the double play and Fronk is on first. Brian Kolb flies out to left. End 3rd inning: Canaries 7, RailCats 1

Fourth inning

Stephen King opens with a homer off of Sewitt, the second ball over the wall tonight vs the lefty. Nick Van Stratten singles. Canaries execute a hit-and-run and Cody Morales is on first while Van Straten is on third. Marcos Rodriguez is walked. Van Stratten scores on a ground ball by Reggie Abercrombie and Rodriguez is out at second. Runners are on the corners. Tim Pahuta hits a sac fly to left, scoring Morales. Jared Clark, the only Canaries batter without a hit or a run tonight, grounds ot third where Abercrombie is out at second. Mid 4th inning: Canaries 10, RailCats 1

Drew Martinez opens with a single. Zac Mitchell singles into right field. Nick Liles flies out to left field. Adam Klein grounds into a double play that takes out Mitchell at second. End 4th inning: Canaries 10, RailCats 1

Fifth inning

JP Ramirez grounds out to shortstop. Jake Taylor is walked. Stephen King flies out to left. Nick Van Stratten flies out to right. Mid 5th inning: Canaries 10, RailCats 1

Mike Massaro singles into right. Christian Vitters flies out to right and Massaro has to dive to reach first before the double-play throw. Craig Maddox grounds to second, the ball is passed on the bounce by Stephen King and Maddox is on first on the error. RailCats have two runners in scoring position on a groundout to second by Reid Fronk. Another two left on as Brian Kolb flies out to right. End 5th inning: Canaries 10, RailCats 1

Sixth inning

Cody Morales walks. Marcos Rodriguez flies out to left and Reggie Abercrombie flies out to right. That's it for Taylor Sewitt, who is replaced by Chuck Fontana. Tim Pahuta pops out foul to third base. Mid 6th inning: Canaries 10, RailCats 1

Drew Martinez grounds out to short on the ninth pitch he sees (he faced more pitches in a single at bat than five RailCats hitters did in the last inning). Zac Mitchell grounds out to second, as does Nick Liles. End 6th inning: Canaries 10, RailCats 1

Seventh inning

Catcher Ryan Babineau is taking over third base and he'll hit sixth in the lineup. The only Sioux Falls batter not to score was Jared Clark. He just hit a homer onto 4th Ave. JP Ramirez strikes out swinging. Jake Taylor flies out to right field, as does Stephen King. Mid 7th inning: Canaries 11, RailCats 1

Jack Van Leur relieves Kyle Ruwe, who is in line for the win. Adam Klein grounds out to first. Cristian Guerrero is pinch hitting for Mike Massaro. Guerrero strikes out looking. Christian Vitters strikes out swinging. End 7th inning: Canaries 11, RailCats 1

Eighth inning

Guerrero heads out to right field. Ryan Brockett will be at short. Nick Van Stratten doubles into left field. Van Stratten takes third on a wild pitch. Cody Morales hits a sac fly into center, scoring Van Stratten. Marcos Rodriguez strikes out swinging. Reggie Abercrombie singles, but Tim Pahuta flies out to center. Mid 8th inning: Canaries 12, RailCats 1

Craig Maddox doubles into right field. He's the first hit since the eight-pitch fifth inning. Reid Fronk grounds out to second. Ryan Babineau singles past first base to score Maddox. Drew Martinez singles into left. That'll chase Jack Van Leur in favor of Kirk Clark, who will pitch to Ryan Brockett. Brockett singles to load the bases. Nick Liles grounds out, but scores Babineau. Adam Klein singles up the middle to score Martinez and Brockett. Cristian Guerrero grounds out to short. End 8th inning: Canaries 12, RailCat 5

Ninth inning

Chuck Fontana returns for the ninth. Jared Clark strikes out swinging. JP Ramirez grounds out to second. Jake Taylor pops out foul behind the plate. Mid 9th inning: Canaries 12, RailCats 5

The Canaries are going to try to out-pitch the RailCats, bringing in a third reliever: Matt Daly. Christian Vitters opens with a double. Craig Maddox grounds out to second, moving Vitters to third. Reid Fronk strikes out swinging. Ryan Babineau is walked. Drew Martinez strikes out swinging. The RailCats out-hit the Canaries 14-13 and the 'Cats left 11 runners on base.


Greg Tagert: "(Alain) will know the full extent when the swelling goes down. It swelled up rather quickly. He wasn't quite sure where he'd been hit at first. It stung him a little bit and it takes a little while for that to sit in. Samantha did the tests out there to see if he had strenght in his hand, which he did in his fingers. He threw the one pitch and I think it was clear. It wasn't instant pain, but it came in. If it had only stunned him that would have been OK, but the swelling came. He's going to see the doctor and we'll see how he feels tomorrow and if the swelling subsides and hold off on an X-ray to either Sunday or Monday.

"Everybody has to do their part and unfortunately tonight the bullpen didn't do their part. Any time you're thrust into that role it can be difficult, but obviously Taylor has done a great job for us and Chuck we just added last week and that's an extreme set of circumstances that although you know you're the long man for the night, that's an extreme set of circumstances to be thrown in.

"That's a worst-case scenario to come into a ball game, that's the best part of their lineup and only one out and if there's just a runner on first it's a different set of circumstances. But we're not inexperienced anymore, so it's not an excuse, we just didn't do the job tonight. We showed some life offensively, not only late because it's easy to tack on some runs when you're down 12-1, but I thought we showed some signs today that we'd followed up from the Wichita game. We hit the ball well and Ruwe is always a tough customer. You get your hits against them, that's what you have to do, but certainly as much as the grand slam, the huge blow, but really the next inning was the most disappointing aspect of the night right there."

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