An unnatural-born runner, a pretty regular yoga doer and a lover of cookies and other sweet treats, Times digital producer Laura Lane writes about her fitness journey. Questions, training tips or race suggestions? Throw her a line on email or Twitter.

The Unnatural-born Athlete: Another race or two

A combined photo of Laura Lane at the 2014 and 2015 Munster Rotary Run-A-Round races.

Damian Rico, The Times

So, get this: The Munster Rotary Run-A-Round 5K and 10K are my last two races until the Chicago Half Marathon on Sept. 25.

Granted, that all could easily change. There are so many local races around the Region and out by me in Orland Park, that I could easily sign up for a 5K the morning of. And I have a pretty good feeling I'll be running the Spay the Stray 5K once again this year on Sept. 10, but registration hasn't opened for it yet. All that said, I have some major downtime coming up. [See also: I'm open for race suggestions! Except, not the Chicago Ultra. I don't think I'm ready for that one at all. The great folks there tried to persuade me via Twitter, though, saying, "It's just like a half marathon. Then another one. Then five more miles for fun." Ha!]

But back to the Munster runs.

I keep looking at the weather forecast. It's going to be about a million — OK, 95 — degrees that day. And sunny. And humid. And zombies will probably also attack. [We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this very important announcement: "WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?! WHAT AM I GETTING MYSELF INTO?! WHY DO YOU HATE ME, MOTHER NATURE?!"] I was hoping to get new personal records for both distances, but I may have to take down a notch so I don't melt into a puddle of Laura somewhere along Columbia Avenue. If I do actually melt, though, someone please take care of my pup Frankie and give him some extra snuggles.

It's a themed run. I had a good excuse the previous two years to purchase some obnoxiously bright and colorful 80s-styled running gear for the 1980s-themed races. This year the theme is superheros. I'm excited for my ensemble. I've already got a cape.

After I cross those two finish lines Saturday, then will come my downtime. And by downtime, I mean completing the 12 week fitness challenge I'm doing with some coworkers along with my regular workouts. My next round of half marathon training starts up again in July. I'm coming for ya, 2:30 finish time.

The good news is I'll be able to sleep in during the weekends for the next few weeks!

I'll also be able to avoid the heat. For the most part, anyway.