McDonald's golden arches.

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Among all the bad news last week was a headline that at least has the potential of becoming something good.

McDonald's restaurant announced it is testing out a new McVegan burger in Tampere, Finland. Yup, they are all in with the name, if nothing else.

The soy patty is reportedly being served up with eggless McFeast sauce and vegan fries fried in vegetable oil.

The company says it is waiting to see how successful the burger is in Finland before considering whether to offer it worldwide.

Having long forgone the golden arches for ethical and health reasons, I won't be running back if the McVegan burger is introduced locally. But I am happy to see that there is enough people interested in plant-based options now to get the attention of McDonald's and other mega corporations.

The number of vegan food options is exploding all over and chief among these are products mimicking the animal-based options. We now have many varieties of plant-based mayonnaise, hot dogs, ice cream, milks, cheese, and even burgers that bleed and reportedly taste just like meat.

The more meatier of these products, like The Beyond Burger, are generally not aimed at vegans, or at least long-term vegans. I personally have no interest in eating anything that resembles meat in any form.

But these plant-based meat products are great for those still eating meat. They offer meat eaters more ethical and healthier choices, without requiring a sudden departure from their familiar foods.

So if you come across a McVegan burger in the near future, let me know where you found it and what you think. I would be happy to help spread the word. 

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