BITS & BYTES: Advanced Find & Replace, part 2

2013-03-20T17:35:00Z BITS & BYTES: Advanced Find & Replace, part 2

In my last column, I started enumerating ways you can use the Find and Replace feature in Word. The list continues here:

Apply a style

Styles provide a great way to apply consistent formatting. Using Find and Replace, you can do so after the fact as well. To apply a style using this feature, do the following:

1. Press [Ctrl]+H.

2. In the Find What control, enter the text to which you’re applying the format. (You can use literal text, codes and wildcards.)

3. Click inside the Replace With control (and delete any contents).

4. Click the More button and click Format.

5. Choose Style from the resulting list.

6. In the Replace Style dialog, select the style you want to apply.

7. Click OK. Word will display the style under the Replace With control.

8. Click Replace All.

Replace a style

To change one style to another, you can use the Style pane to select all the text of one style and then select the new style. That technique is quick at around five clicks. You can also use the Find and Replace feature as follows:

1. Press [Ctrl]+H.

2 .Click the Find What control and click More.

3. Click Format and choose Style.

4. Select the style you’re replacing and click OK.

5. Click the Replace With control.

6. Click Format and choose Style.

7. Select the replacement style and click OK.

8. Click Replace All.

This technique requires a few more clicks than the selection method, but it’s great to know if you’re working with a large document.

Delete paragraphs

Suppose you want to delete several paragraphs, and their only common attribute is their style. Using the Find and Replace feature, you can quickly delete them:

1. Press [Ctrl]+H.

2. Click the Find What control and click the More button.

3. Click Format and choose Style.

4. Select the style that the paragraphs share and click OK.

5. Make sure the Replace With control is empty.

6. Click Replace All.

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