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2014-02-05T14:47:00Z 2014-02-05T15:40:45Z BITS & BYTES: Forward progress on forwarded emailsBy April Miller Cripliver Times Business Columnist
February 05, 2014 2:47 pm  • 

Q: I would like to know how I can delete all of the previous recipients’ names and email addresses on emails forwarded to me before I forward those emails to others.

A: This is an excellent question, and I wish more people were as considerate as you when sending emails. Forwarding emails that contain others’ email addresses is a breach in security. You are wise to protect these people be removing their email addresses before you forward the message to others.

When using email, so many features/abilities depend upon your email client. An email client is the software used to send, receive, and manage email, including email addresses (Contact list) and email accounts. The most famous email client is Microsoft Outlook. You can purchase Outlook by itself for about $100, or you can purchase it bundled within Microsoft Office Home & Business (about $225) or Microsoft Office Professional (about $400).

Most professionals use Microsoft Office Professional more than any other software on their computers because Microsoft makes it so easy to integrate, for instance, Word with Outlook, or Excel with Access.

The email client you use will determine your email functionality. Most non-professionals use a Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account they set up themselves (versus a company dictating your email address). These email clients are web-based, and so the functionality is rather limited.

Let me give you an example. I have about 10 email accounts that I use for various purposes. Only one of those is provided by my employer; the rest were created by me. However, I am able to use the full functionality and features of Microsoft Outlook to have all of my email from each of these 10 accounts delivered into the same Inbox in Outlook.

This way, I don’t have to jump from site to site to check my mail. Outlook can manage my mail whether it is delivered through POP (Post Office Protocol) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or from an Exchange server (from my employer). Outlook is my one-stop area for all of my email needs.

If I am away from my own computer where Outlook is installed, I can still check my mail through the Internet, but now I have to visit 10 sites to view mail sent to my 10 email accounts. This drives me crazy, so I’m glad I don’t have to be away from Outlook often. When I’m on the road and using my iPad, Apple provides me with an application that will allow me to read mail sent to the 10 accounts, but without the hundreds of features Outlook provides me.

With that said, I do not know what email client you are using, therefore I can only try to answer your question. You want to forward an email to someone, but you don’t want your receiver to be able to view the email addresses that were sent with the original message. Try the following, which should work from almost any email client:

Click FORWARD on the message as you normally would, but before pressing SEND, delete any content of the message you do NOT want to include, such as names and email addresses used by the person who sent you the original message.

This is also a good opportunity to “clean up the message” as well, such as typos or meaningless characters (like those blasted >> characters that appear in our emails when sent from a user with an inferior email client). When you’re satisfied that the message appears exactly as you want it to be received, click your SEND button.

Opinions are solely the writer's. April Miller Cripliver of Chesterton holds a doctorate in management information systems and is a computer hardware and software consultant. E-mail your computer questions to, and specify your operating system and other pertinent PC information.

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