BUSINESS MARKEING: Escape the gumption trap today

2014-05-31T10:23:00Z BUSINESS MARKEING: Escape the gumption trap todayLarry Galler Times Business Columnist
May 31, 2014 10:23 am  • 

Every so often I, like most people, fall into a gumption trap.

There is so much to do ( I utter a big sigh), but yet I procrastinate because there is nothing here that fires my imagination, forces me to heightened concentration or causes adrenaline to course though my veins raising my pulse rate to the ohmygosh zone, so (there are many possible finishes to this sentence):

  • I can’t start this project until I’ve done all the research, found my resources and captured the essence of the issue (or some other gumption trap mumbo-jumbo).
  • I can’t get started until (fill in the blank here) happens … and there is little likelihood of that happening any time soon. And the gumption yawns open a little wider.
  • I’ll hold off on this because it’s possible I’m wrong and might need to reconsider. Then the trap tightens the noose.

But thankfully there is an escape from the Gumption Trap!

If I think this through none of these excuses are logical nor will the issues that require action just go away so I finally got around to creating an “GTE” (Gumption Trap Eliminator) for myself and am sharing it with you to help eliminate your traps also:

  • I define the first tiny baby step for a project or task and, since it is such a little, easy step, I can negotiate with myself to get it done. Then I convince myself that, “since the first step is done I might as well get the whole thing done and over with.”
  • I continue to motivate myself to overcome gumption traps whenever and wherever they occur as part of my personal growth.

I’ve found that Gumption Trap Elimination makes getting through the daily to-do list faster, makes it easier to break down large, daunting, complex projects into bite-size easily digestible pieces, gives me more time to attain my personal and business goals which then gives me more self-confidence and self trust. And that allows me to take on more new, interesting, larger projects.

Escape the gumption trap today, don’t wait until tomorrow.

Opinions are solely the writer's. Larry Galler, of Larry Galler & Associates, is a marketing and management consultant for small and mid-size companies. Discover whether your company has created a culture of excellence by taking a free, two-minute self assessment. Send an email to put “Assessment” in the subject line.

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