BUSINESS MARKETING: Can we please do something about the weather?

2014-02-22T09:45:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: Can we please do something about the weather?Larry Galler Times Business Columnist
February 22, 2014 9:45 am  • 

While watching the weather reporter discussing the horrible winter we’ve been having this year from coast to coast, I reflected on that phrase “everyone talks about the weather but we can’t do anything about it.”

This year a huge amount of the country has experienced extraordinary weather of almost biblical proportions, such as drought in the Southwest and West, record-breaking snowfall and cold in the Midwest, South, and East. What’s next? Maybe locusts, hail, blood, frogs and darkness?

Aside from body shops fixing cars damaged in accidents, plumbers fixing frozen pipes and teenagers with snow shovels, few businesses are experiencing good sales volume. Customers can’t or won’t go shopping, freight shipments are delayed, business meeting are cancelled because airports and expressways were closed and employees can’t get to work.

So what can we do about the weather other than shrug and sigh?

While logic and a realistic view forecasts that pessimism will prevail, a few businesses are attacking the problem with some humor and an innovative spirit. Their goal is to engage their customers and staff with a sense the weather will eventually change for the better. And when that happens, we will proudly proclaim ourselves survivors, telling our grandchildren of the “Winter of ’14” when we did some silly things just to keep our spirits up:

  • Hold the “February Beach Party”
  • Have a lottery with a prize for the person who guesses the date the parking lot is first clear of snow
  • Organize a dodge ball type snowball fight – one department against another
  • Create a “Long Underwear Fashion Show”

Or take another tack and organize the staff to do some good deeds in the community like volunteer to shovel snow or bring groceries to housebound neighbors. The goal is to raise spirits, build a sense of community and increase awareness of your company in a very positive manner for when the local climate actually does change.

I’m certainly not scientifically qualified to dive into the ongoing global warming or climate change controversy but I am qualified to be sick of this weather and hearing people complain about it. Me, I’m going to shovel the driveway for exercise … again!

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