BUSINESS MARKETING: Election is over; get back to work now

2012-11-11T00:00:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: Election is over; get back to work nowLarry Galler Times Business Columnist
November 11, 2012 12:00 am  • 

For the past year or so, the entire country has been either enthralled or appalled by the election.

It has been some sort of excuse for people acting like ostriches with their head stuck in the sand, but I’ve heard many people say, “After the election business will be better (or worse).” Do they think that somehow as soon as the votes are counted, our economic condition will somehow be transformed into (depending on your point of view) either a sunshine-filled place with money falling out of the sky or a gloomy, dark, dried-up barren place without hope?

Of course, the answer is “neither.”

Nothing will change suddenly. Gosh, it’s been five days since the election and tax rates are the same, the deficit hasn’t changed direction or velocity, and employment figures remain the same. So why would anyone think sales volume would be different “after the election?”

It’s now “after the election.” Did anyone make (or not make) a major purchase because they feel so much different about the future than they did five days ago? Laws passed after the new Congress convenes will take time to be implemented and even longer for the effects to reach Main Street. Any change in direction and velocity of economic direction will be gradual.

So now that the election is over, if you are in the “things will be different after the election” camp, you’ll need to come up with another excuse for deciding to buy something or invest in something or change something. Maybe your excuse should now be, “We’ll see after the holidays” or “In the spring.”

My sense is =those who have been using the election as an excuse are those who are resistant or not comfortable with change of any kind, and their “waiting for the election to be over” is just another way to say “I don’t want to make a decision.”

So why don’t we just be honest with ourselves and start making those decisions? Because before too long, the next election cycle will be starting, and here we go again!

Opinions are solely the writer's. Larry Galler, of Larry Galler & Associates, is a marketing and management consultant for small and mid-size companies. Join Galler on a “Lunch with Larry” conference call, an interactive live hour on Nov. 21. The subject will be “Delegation is the First Step to Implementation.” For connection information send an email to and put “Lunch” in the subject line.

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