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2014-01-04T17:02:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: Hit the ground running tomorrowLarry Galler Times Business Columnist
January 04, 2014 5:02 pm  • 

Even though tomorrow is a few work days into the new year, for many, it will be the first day back to work after an extended holiday period.

Don’t waste the day by starting out with a clean sheet of paper to write out your to-do list. Your list should be ready to implement instead of waiting as a pristine, unblemished, unspoiled, clean sheet of paper.

My last few columns were about planning for a very successful new year. Hopefully, you read those columns and were inspired to take a little time to plan and prepare your focus, your theme and your actions that will start tomorrow. This means your to-do list is already packed full with forward-moving, transformational projects and activities, not the clean-up projects left over from last year. You are ready to hit the ground running!

But, if you somehow missed my previous columns or they are in that pile of unread stuff on your desk, you will need to play catch-up and get those old, legacy projects done and crossed off your list. Then you can get to work to make the new year your best year.

So, if you are in the latter category and don’t have your to-do list ready, here is a way to get started. You won’t actually hit the ground running. It might be more like jogging rather than running.

Get out that clean sheet of paper and write out four statements right now:

1) My primary goal for 2014 is (and fill in your answer).

2) In order to reach my primary goal for 2014, I will need to (fill in your answer).

3) To get started towards reaching my primary goal I will need to start the following actions immediately.

4) Prioritize these new items and integrate your legacy to-do items into the list.

There. Done. You’ve just written your to-do list for tomorrow.

When you sit down to work tomorrow you will be starting on making 2014 your best year because you will now be ready to hit the ground running” (or at least hit the ground jogging!).

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