BUSINESS MARKETING: How do you come back from defeat?

2014-02-08T12:56:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: How do you come back from defeat?Larry Galler Times Business Columnist
February 08, 2014 12:56 pm  • 

As the last minutes of the Super Bowl ticked off the clock, I started thinking about the how the athletes who suffered such a massive, public defeat would react.

Most of these players will be back playing next season, and most of the coaches will be back coaching next season. How will they be able to put this defeat behind them, rebuild their confidence and return to the pursuit of athletic greatness?

I don’t often dwell on sports but people in business and all other walks of life face, and most confront, the same issue.

Ask any businessperson about their largest business defeat. If they are honest, they will tell a hair-raising story. That story will be interesting, but not half as interesting as the story you will get if you ask the next question, “What did you do to overcome that defeat?”

Now you will get a real tough story. One of grit, perseverance, focus, determination, hard work and self confidence.

I think it would be easy for the members of the Denver Broncos organization to just hang up their helmets and play golf the rest of their lives. In general they are wealthy and, if they want to work, there are plenty opportunities for just about anyone associated with an NFL team for employment.

But these people are competitors. They want to compete … and win. They have been raised to compete and trained to compete. They would have never gotten to the level of success they have attained without the same attributes of a formerly defeated, but now successful businessperson – grit, perseverance, focus, determination, hard work, and self confidence.

When you suffer a major defeat, like most businesspeople suffer at some point in their career, it is time for a real heat-to-heart talk with that person you see in the mirror. You discuss your concept of self-worth, review past successes and failures, and determine what your next steps towards a comeback will be. Then you just go out there and do it. I think the members of the Broncos will do that also. We’ll see about it next season.

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