BUSINESS MARKETING: Ready to win the Oscar?

2013-12-07T12:09:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: Ready to win the Oscar?Larry Galler Times Business Columnist
December 07, 2013 12:09 pm  • 

At some level we are all actors playing a part as if we were in a movie, TV show, or stage play because in our normal business day, we present many different versions of ourselves.

One moment we are a salesperson, then an administrator, then a buyer, then a trainer, then a negotiator, then a problem solver, then a therapist, then a designer, then the many other roles that are necessary in managing a business.

Obviously with all those roles to fulfill, it is impossible to be great at all of them. What to do?

Well, think of your favorite actor for a moment. Think of the multitude of roles you have seen that actor perform. In the course of an acting career, an actor plays many different people – different ages, family situations, psychological makeup, even different genders. How do they do it?

They memorize their scripts and create their voice tone, inflection and volume for each role. They work on their walk, their gestures, facial expressions and their body movements. And they practice, practice and practice some more until they manage to inhabit the role and become believable in it. They work with the other actors to integrate their role with the rest of the cast and then they all do it in front of the director… all before the cameras start rolling or the stage curtain is raised.

That is how actors prepare for their roles. How do you prepare for your roles? My guess is that you don’t prepare very much or even think about the roles you need to play. I’ll bet, most of the time, you are just “winging it.”

St work tomorrow, you will need to play a number of roles. Think about what your audience will be expecting and how you can be the very best actor in each of the roles you will be playing. Think of the script you will use, your voice, your body and what you will need to do to be more convincing in your role(s).

Then practice, practice and practice and finally prepare your acceptance speech for winning the Oscar!

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