BUSINESS MARKETING: Say it again and again then reinforce it

2013-11-30T15:46:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: Say it again and again then reinforce itLarry Galler Times Business Columnist
November 30, 2013 3:46 pm  • 

Repetition. It’s not a secret strategy but over time, repetition can be one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools a business can use to become known in the marketplace.

A large percentage of successful marketing and advertising comes from repeating the same message over and over and over … you get the idea. Say a catchy phrase enough and eventually your targeted audience will remember it, and ultimately it becomes permanently embedded in their memory.

As a case in point, I find it difficult to believe I can still call up from the dark recesses of my teenage memory the telephone numbers of radio advertisers I heard years ago while listening to “top 40” music. They repeated it over and over and over.

You’ve got something worth repeating also. What is it? Your name? Your tag line (or your specialty)? The problems you solve? Your phone number? Web site URL? Just about anything that is distinctive or unique to your business or can be made to be distinctive and unique.

Whatever it is you are repeating must, in some way, become memorable. Naturally it is easier to remember if it is clever or cute, but those phone numbers I mentioned earlier were said or sung on the radio in a percussive manner with kettle drums in the background and as part of a melodic jingle. After hearing them a couple hundred times, they will never leave my memory even though it’s been decades since I’ve heard them, and when I think of them, my youth seems like yesterday.

Step one is to decide on the one point you want to hammer into your prospect’s mind. Then determine the tools you are going to use then repeat it and repeat it. Oh, did I say, “repeat it?” Yes I did. I said, “repeat it!”

Step two is to use it constantly wherever appropriate to your brand – in your advertising in all media, as a tag line on your emails, shown prominently on company vehicles, worn on company polo shirts, on the pens you give out, on your letterhead, even bumper stickers!

Got it?

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