BUSINESS MARKETING: Snap! Crackle! & Pop! versus soggy shredded wheat?

2012-12-22T11:26:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: Snap! Crackle! & Pop! versus soggy shredded wheat?Larry Galler Times Business Columnist
December 22, 2012 11:26 am  • 

I remember as a youngster being delighted at breakfast when I poured milk over a bowl of Rice Krispies, listening to those thrilling snaps, crackles and pops as the little kernels burst with sound.

I was reminded of that experience at a store I bought a commodity service from, but it started earlier, when I phoned to make an appointment.

The call was answered snappy-fast, the voice on the phone was crackling with energy, friendly, professional and obviously well-trained to greet customers well. I immediately had confidence my experience with this company was going to be a high quality, high service effort.

When I arrived for my appointment, I noticed the staff was energetic, polite, well-groomed, happy and helpful. I discussed my needs and was offered some suggestions (with advice) and placed an order. The transaction went smoothly. The service work I purchased was done with the same enthusiasm (snap, crackle and pop!) as the greeting and sales experience.

Contrast this with the performance at the business I previously used, which brought back memories of pouring milk over a hay roll of Shredded Wheat – a lump of straw-like stuff that sat, soggy and joyless. A couple guys sitting on stools at a counter, no expression on their faces except perhaps boredom as if I was interrupting their day. They answered my questions in monosyllabic grunts. They were slovenly, slothful. I bought and left determined to find a new vendor.

Although there was little, if any, difference in price and quality of work that I could tell between the two, the difference in the experience was stunning.

One made it almost a joy to spend my hard-earned bucks while the other was an unsatisfying chore. Much like breakfast cereals where the difference in nutrition is probably similar (no, I haven’t read the labels in fact I haven’t eaten either in decades), the experience is decidedly different.

Which cereal, as a youngster, would you prefer – the one with joy or the lump? Which business would you prefer, the one that crackles or the one that glowers? What’s the experience at your place?

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