BUSINESS MARKETING: The Customer Elimination Department hard at work

2013-11-16T09:29:00Z BUSINESS MARKETING: The Customer Elimination Department hard at workLarry Galler Times Business Columnist
November 16, 2013 9:29 am  • 

I think I’m a pretty mild-mannered guy, but about once a year I feel the need to vent after coming across the “Customer Elimination Department” at a few businesses.

A couple examples:

• Done with dinner, my friend and I got up to pay our bill. There were two cash registers on the counter. No one was at either. We walked up to the cash register closest to us and waited for someone to pay.

We waited a few moments then a person sauntered up to the other register and said “I’ll take you over here.” Sort of dumbfounded we just stood in place until the staff member gave us a glance of obvious disdain, walked over (it might have been all of 3 or 4 feet) took our money, slowly walked to the register, made change and gave it to us without saying “thank you” or “have a nice day” or even a "go to #$*#&!”

We know the management of this restaurant hasn’t trained their staff to be this discourteous, but we can’t be their only customers who feels their lack of oversight is eliminating customers.

• I called the owner of a company who has done work for me in the past to get his thoughts and a quotation for another project. I showed him the job, told him what I thought I wanted and asked for suggestions.

He offered a couple solutions and said he would send a proposal … four weeks ago. I’ve checked the obituaries but haven’t seen his name, so I assume he is still with us, but where is my quote?

I’d really like him to do the work because we were very satisfied with his previous efforts, but he has had plenty of time to get his figures together as it isn’t an extensive job. At the very least I think he should call or email to tell me what his problem is or maybe he just doesn’t want the work. I don’t know, but I do know that he is about to eliminate a customer.

If you have a “Customer Elimination Department,” fire them or your customers will fire you!

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